Republican Voters Deemed “Ineligible” to Vote in Fraudulent Nevada Primary

I have been uncovering and exposing election fraud in Nevada for several years now. The problem is that no one in a position of authority Left or Right ever seems to ever care about it…and that’s likely because they’re all benefitting from it. Unchecked election fraud was one of the main reasons I decided to run for Congress, it’s why enacting voter ID, cleaning up our polls, and securing our elections is the number one core issue on my platform. I believe we will immediately start seeing change for the better in this country, once it’s the people making decisions… and not crooked Dems and RINOs doing whatever manipulation they need to do to win.

Currently no ID is needed to either register to vote or vote, you can sign up 100 people to an address and vote with the ballots the government sends you and nothing more. Same day registration and voting was also passed by the Democrats recently, which is a tactic used to bus in Californians to vote in polls in Nevada (this has been witnessed by multiple Nevadans I have talked to and is not a secret tactic to locals.)

Casinos and unions have been seen and heard by witnesses to line up their Hispanic workers, threaten them that if they don’t vote Democrat they’ll be deported, then throw them on a bus to go vote on company time. Whether they’re knowingly hiring illegals and helping them commit election fraud or threatening legal citizens to meddle in elections…I do not know, but it sure sounds illegal either way. Illegal aliens are also allowed to sign up for driver licenses now, and are automatically signed up to vote unless they opt out. I’d love an explanation on that one as well.

If it wasn’t bad enough, it’s actually gotten worse this month. Without any authority, Governor Sisolak decided that this upcoming primary election would be an all mail-in ballot. Since no ID is needed, this means anyone can cheat in the election completely anonymously. They don’t have to know a name or address or even show their face at the polls….they simply mail back any fraudulent or undeliverable ballots they can get their hands on. To make matters worse, Democrats recently sued the state to allow for inactive and dead voters to get ballots and for ballot harvesting…and what did Clark County do? They immediately rolled over and gave it to them without discussion. Because of that, loose ballots started arriving EVERYWHERE.

This story was the same across Nevada. If you’ve ever wondered how Democrats get dead people to vote…this is how. Even President Trump brought up problems with Nevada’s unsecured mail-in elections. But if you’re wondering what happens to all these loose ballots, I have to remind you that Clark County also enacted ballot harvesting…and not even normal ballot harvesting. Only the people the state hand selects get to harvest ballots. I am currently running as a candidate in the Republican primary election against an anti-gun RINO who lives in San Francisco and another propped up establishment RINO with a long history of getting sued for fraud and forgery….and I’m supposed to just “trust” that they don’t find a way to get people to ballot harvest in their favor to steer the primary their way?


I didn’t think our elections could possibly get any more fraudulent here….until yesterday. Since no one including me trusted the mail-in ballot system, I’ve been encouraging people to send the ballots back as quickly as possible so that they could check the government website to make sure it was received.

Here’s the site to check how you voted: although since I started publicly calling out this “error” the state’s link to check votes have been conveniently down, preventing me and others from accumulating additional evidence of fraud.

It’s the only way I could think of to hold our state accountable for this already shady election. Then it started getting back to me that people who voted for me and who have voted Republican in this state for years…were finding out that they were no longer “eligible” to vote. Not only that, but their voting history in the state was wiped clean.

He had a picture of his ballot before he sent it out too.

So I checked it myself…and found the same thing.

When I checked this last month it showed I voted in the last two elections here…now, nothing.

And I wasn’t alone. Multitudes of people checked the site after my initial post only to discover the same had happened to them.

Some Republicans complained that they only received the non-partisan ballot that only has judges.

Another man who was always Republican, found that his party affiliation was suddenly switched to Democrat.

I’m sure the state plans on passing it off as a “glitch.” But a glitch is when the screen freezes, not when people’s voting history gets wiped clean and their party affiliations switched. Even if it were to magically fix itself…we’re supposed to believe it’s not open to being hacked again?

But wait, there’s more. As a candidate I get access to certain data where something else odd popped up about these ballots.

First off, how were 3 people whose age was unknown able to vote?

You have to be 18 to legally vote, you can’t just “not know” the age of the person voting.

Secondly, look at the staggering disparity of people over the age of 62 and over voting. I’m aware that older voters usually make up a good chunk of any election…but 65% of all ballots received? In an election where every single registered Republican dead or alive received a ballot? Odd.

The election currently being held in Nevada is beyond void and fraudulent. It is being actively manipulated and rigged, and considering the crooked competition I have within my own congressional race…I don’t trust the outcome of this upcoming Republican primary at all, never mind the general election.

Something needs to be done. We need to postpone and void this entire fraudulent mail-in primary election, and enact in-person voting that requires state issued ID. We need to go back to all paper ballots with voter receipts that can be traced and verified. We need cameras rolling constantly on the people that “count” all these votes because I feel like the election corruption at this point has to be top to bottom.




We need to take back our country and it starts by correcting our fraudulent elections NOW.