Facebook is Throttling Conservative Pages in New Shadowbanning Algorithm

Facebook is clamping down on conservative pages, suffocating them under a new algorithm that throttles their reach down to a fraction of their former selves.

I received a notice from Facebook, that they would be restricting my page because I had posted “fake news.”

What was the “fake news” that I posted, you ask?

I uploaded a real live news clip of a man walking on the roof of Notre Dame as it was on fire when no one was supposed to be there. Followers of the page were quick to point out that he was not dressed as a priest, nor as a French fireman, and also noticed that he wasn’t carrying any fire fighting gear.

Keep in mind, Facebook isn’t arguing that the video I posted wasn’t real, they’re arguing that it’s “fake news” only because it’s not a fireman.

I honesty never presented it as not being a fireman, I asked my followers what they thought of it when I posted it on the page. Well, it went viral and the commies over at Facebook noticed it, removed it, and then proceeded to throttle my page reach from over 6.5 million a month, down to 900k….87% down of what its been almost every month for years.

My numbers still haven’t recovered from this, even when the president of United States re-tweeted me and my article. You’d “think” the numbers for a conservative page would go up for that…but no.

What’s even more interesting is that I still managed to gain over 2.4k likes, but my reach is down….that shouldn’t be possible unless they’re specifically manipulating the algorithm.

What I think is one of the more obvious signs that it’s being deliberately manipulated, is that it’s not just me. It seems to be affecting every conservative /patriot themed page I asked.

It seems many popular conservative pages across the board were hit with this new “algorithm” that won’t even allow their own fan base to see their content in any kind of regularity on their timeline.

Popular conservative commentator Tim Young….

You’ll notice there’s an increase in likes, but a strangely suffocated interaction reach.

They’re down 21.9 MILLION this month, that’s insane.

Even smaller pages were hit, as you can see, likely due to the throttling of larger accounts suffering, and not being able to share the links from smaller pages that they usually do.

The Conservative Latina, a page I’ve helped numerous times for being wrongly banned, is also suffering under the weight of this new algorithm.

That’s more than half.

Is it me, or are they hitting Hispanic conservative pages pretty hard?

Even conservative sites that were already feeling the pressure of the shadow ban hammer were still down this month.

Yea, I have no idea why that is. Probably nothing to do with the fact their number of likes didn’t even go up when I liked it.

How much more proof do we need, that the left is trying to control public opinion? Shadow banning isn’t just in our heads, and this proves it.

Everyone claims that Facebook is a private company, that can do whatever it wants…which is mostly true. But they’ve created a terms of service that they are not applying fairly are equally amongst its users…many of which have paid into Facebook with ads, and boosting posts.

How is this not discrimination, when you create rules but only apply them to the people you want other people to see and hear? I do not think this will stop until all dissenting opinions are silenced on social media.

In a world where our own mainstream media is leftist controlled, distorted, and manipulated to push a false narrative, social media it was our only recourse to get the truth out…and now that’s being taken away from us.

If you run or know a conservative page have them check their analytics and screenshot it.

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  1. i actually send David an email letting him know that i dont get any of his posts in my feed on FB. So i go on his page to see what he had posted. However, FB would only show me a max or 3,4 posts. This is outrageous. And if FB is trying to prevent the spread of fake news, why in the heck is CNN still up and running?

  2. We should discuss this. I believe the conservative world needs to get a better feel for what we’re actually dealing with ahead of the 2020 election.

  3. Any way to get analytics from left, liberal and Democrat pages? That might actually show their content and reach the same or higher, thus proving your point…and ours as well.

  4. Tme to abandon Faceberg en masse. I left June 1, and have at least 3 friends following, with a dozen others actively looking for alternatives. I’m going to give MeWe a try, as well as my own blog

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