Facebook is Censoring Conservative Content For “Fake News” That Isn’t Fake

Facebook’s heavy censorship of conservatives is nothing new, but as the election grows closer, the suppression of conservatives and their content has reached suffocating levels never reached before.

The newest attempt to underhandedly suppress our content involves a new “fake news” angle. That’s right, the party of fake news, misleading headlines, and shamelessly doctored footage has decided that it’s actually conservatives that have been spreading fake news this entire time, because “projection.”

“Independent fact checkers” including the notoriously left-leaning Snopes, who often uses semantics and fallacies to skew their conclusions any which way they can, will now be scouring Facebook’s pages removing content they deem “false” and punishing those that post it.

This apparently includes joke memes, people’s opinions, and my personal favorite…an inspirational story.

My followers and I can’t get soft core kiddie porn (no nudity, but children in suggestive poses with creepy, sexual comments from men) off Facebook no matter how many times we mass report it, but an inspirational poem about leadership shared by a conservative is removed off Facebook for promoting “leadership?” Really? ?

I was personally hit with a crippling restriction myself for the second time (the first being for posting a live news clip about a man on the roof of Notre Dame that they somehow deemed “fake”) and my page that had reached over 12 million people last month was cut punitively down 90% to just 1 million.

My crime? I posted an article about that gun grab that Virginia Governor was trying to pull, and it mentioned he was thinking about cutting off their power, etc to do it. Apparently he said he’s enforce but didn’t say how…so they deemed it “fake news.” I guess he intended to use a magic wand.

Petty, I know. But I wasn’t just hit with a 90% viewership restriction…they actually threatened to unpublish my entire page.

My account isn’t coming up on the Facebook search engine for many people either, because apparently a page of 200k patriots is “that” threatening to them.

Don’t expect Occupy Democrats or NowThis leftist propaganda sites who post false information all the time, and block anyone that comments on how it’s incorrect to be hit with this though. It only seems to be applying to conservatives.

I’m not alone either, the Patriotic Journal was hit for “fake news” for claiming that Bernie Sanders’ “math” for universal healthcare doesn’t add up. You know, the “math” that he himself doesn’t know how will work yet.

As you notice in my highlight above, even deleting things you might have accidentally posted that were untrue…won’t stop you from getting hit. So I hope you’re all being perfect human beings out there, or all your Facebook memories and pics will be deleted from memory for you.

Occupy Democrats Logic, a parody site that mocks the Occupy Democrats page itself by correcting and posting the truth, was hit recently as well.

Wait a minute? Bernie doesn’t want to give illegals free healthcare on our dime? Didn’t all the Democrat candidates raise their hands when they were asked that during a debate?

I mean, it’s on video.

But the top article to show up on Google as I searched for this was….

“Mostly false?” Way to go, “independent fact checker” site. ??

It’s like the Left doesn’t think we have eyes and ears. And unless they’re hiding a golden goose somewhere in the back, how exactly is this not going to be on our dime?

This is how Facebook poorly tried to spin this as “false.”

Ok, so “all people are entitled to basic human rights” and as we already know Bernie is all about free healthcare as a “basic right.” So where is the lie? Plus he literally already said he wanted to give illegals free healthcare ON VIDEO so….why are we even debating this? This is grossly manipulative.

They went as far as to even UNPUBLISH their page for this obviously wrong conclusion on their part. They were forced to start all over again.

You see, it was never about forcing us to play by their rules…they always intended to silence us all along.

Sean Hannity, who is a much bigger name than I, can’t even escape this suppression. They buried his page and publicly accused him of lying.

Even things you saw with your own eyes were deemed “fake news” if their biased “independent fact checker” sites declared it so.

If Obama didn’t endorse him then fine, but to hit people for talking about the commercials for it? Why? Because I’m sure Facebook didn’t hit Bloomberg personally for it himself.

This person jokingly pointed out something they thought sounded fake…and then got hit for “fake news” anyway.

This person made a joke that ICE should patrol locations on Election Day…

No humor allowed! Every right leaning joke is now “fake news!”

Some people aren’t even given explanations on why their accounts are being punished for “fake news” because Facebook’s precious “fact checker” websites links often often work.

How can the Left spend four years crying about how Russia is “influencing our elections” over memes and imaginary bots…when they are actively censoring all the news and content that people see on social media to specifically manipulate people’s opinions on the election? The hypocrisy and projection at this point is beyond unbelievable.

Obviously they’re not trying to convince knowledgeable conservatives and libertarians to vote their way…they know that’s NEVER going to happen.

They’re trying to influence the average person that doesn’t research everything they see, and then convince them to vote whichever way they want them to.

You can only cheat at the polls so much with fake ballots, ballot harvesting, and illegal votes…you’ve got to pad it all somewhere.

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