Exposing Liberal Hypocrisy: Racism Toward Conservative Minorities

While hypocrisy on the left is nothing new, it’s still shocking just how blatant it can be online.

Now I am fully aware that there are scumbags on the right that make my cause look bad online, but those people are what they are…..they’re not hiding it and there are usually pretty heavy repercussions for what they say and do.

It’s just personally I’ll just never grasp how the Left wrestles with masquerading their hate as “tolerance” and acting like they’re morally superior above everyone else all the while claiming that they’re “fighting” sexism and racism while actually being hypocritically sexist and racist themselves.

It sounds insane, but I see and deal with it every single day. Here’s the last article I wrote about how the uber liberal followers over at Occupy Democrats slut shamed me on my looks just for defending an African American congressman they were racistly trashing on their site….


Nice. I know….

It’s not just restrictive to liberal propaganda pages either….the hate is so strong amongst the regressive left that they feel the need to spread their hate all across social media.

Let’s take The Conservative Latina, for instance…

Pretty self explanatory. Now, do you think supposedly pro-feminist and anti-racist liberals are going to support a Latina woman for supporting our president and speaking her mind, or do you think they’re a bunch of angry hypocrites that feel the need to bully and insult her? Let’s see…

C’mon….would I be writing this for any other reason?

That sounds like a pretty direct threat.

That got 44 likes. Just in case you thought it was just a couple of random assholes.

Is “coon” even the right slur? I don’t know enough about out-of-date racist terms from the 1960’s….

…..stupid beaners thinking they’re another type of beaner (?)

Her status and lack of a criminal record does change that, actually.

Nice glamour shot from 1993…

She’s Peruvian, but who’s counting…

Alex sounds like he might have sexual issues….

Matt also looks like he never gets laid….


Do these people have their jobs attached to their profile? Might be interesting…


Super triggered, she just keeps coming back.

Her name is “Licxie?”

I can’t even read that….

I don’t know what that says.

They really do call everyone Nazis, don’t they….

So you get the point. Why these people feel justified in being racist, sexist assholes in a public forum seemingly using their own real names is beyond me. But it’s time someone held these abusive hypocrites responsible….

Keep at it girl….haters are just people that hate themselves.

Give a fellow conservative a follow….


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