CNN Defends “Death to America” Chants in Liberal Fluff Piece

In a fluff piece that is as unbearable to read as can be (full of sunrises and kids playing soccer.) CNN actually ran an article defending the all too common Iranian chant of “Death to America.”

It’s seriously unbearable….see how far you can get, I dare you.

You see, it’s not their fault…it’s ours, apparently. They don’t “hate” us, they hate our leadership for things like imposing “mean” sanctions (that are completely within our right to.)

There’s a few slight mentions that maybe….just maybe their plight is the fault of their local government’s mismanagement…but then it goes back into flowery poetic detail for no reason, of what honestly sounds like a dried up shit hole.

Oh, and here’s a related story they inserted into the page about how they don’t think sanctions will work anyway….

….because how would defunding terrorist regimes help keep us any safer, amirite?

The balls it takes, to write an entire article about how “Death to America” doesn’t mean “Death to America.” Then again, semantics and definition changing has been the left’s game plan for awhile, what else is new…. Don’t just #WalkAway, run.

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  1. CNN is just reflecting the views of all those “experts” on Iran who have been telling us how the Iranian people just love America, all the while hoping to open the money pipeline to American business during the Shah’s reign. What are a few American lives compared to corporate profits?

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