New Political Party Rises From the Ashes of Disenfranchised Americans

Unless you’ve been hiding like Biden in a basement, you might have noticed that our election system process has become a complete shit show. Even non-political people I talk to believe there was massive voter fraud committed across multiple states…and they don’t understand why no one is doing anything about it. As it turns out, you have both Democrats and Republicans in the pockets of these dirty election voting companies, and quite frankly…America is fed up.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about needing to start a pro-Trump/America party one whose priority is the American people…not foreign countries, not globalists, not pushing destructive radical socialist ideas, and definitely not communist China. But the truth is, there already is one…the Patriot Party of Nevada and Arizona.

Born out of being red states turned blue out of the combined corruption of Democrats and RINOs, the Patriot Party seeks a return to the Constitution and restoration of our personal freedom and rights. It is lead by patriots who have realized that the establishment is never going to push to restrict their own government power, give themselves pay cuts, or push for term limits. Like most Americans, it is fiscally conservative and socially liberal (as in personal freedom, not in the crazy direction the radical Left has taken that meaning in the last 10 years.) If you’re tired of the insanity and raging hypocrisy of the Democrats, or the uppity do-nothingness of the GOP, then this just might be the independent party for you.

Where other 3rd parties have failed, the Patriot Party stands a great chance to succeed. It is not focused on just one issue like the Green Party, and it’s Constitutionalist-based platform leaves no confusion as to what it stands for. Ask a Libertarian what the party stands for…and you’ll likely get a different answer every time. Never has there ever been a time where more people have become disenfranchised by their own parties than this moment right now.

Why hasn’t Hillary been arrested for deleting emails and smashing phones? Why hasn’t anything been done about unfair censorship online? Why are these governors being allowed to suspend our constitutional rights with powers they endowed on themselves? We know Epstein didn’t kill himself…but why the hell was no one held accountable for it? The American people are tired of being lied to, controlled, and manipulated, and we’re tired of seeing blatant, provable corruption go unpunished.

Thousands have already signed up in Arizona, Nevada’s mobilizing as we speak, and now Idaho has started its own as well. It’s about filling all the state and federal seats with honest Americans, and flipping these states from the bottom up and inside out. The establishment might have failed us, but we the everyday people can save this country.





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