Liberal Losers and BLM Assholes Celebrate the Death of Ashli Babbit on Facebook

A post stating that Ashli Babbit’s killer had to shoot her as a “last resort” brought mostly love and laugh reacts on the radical leftist cesspool that’s become Facebook these days, as most conservatives and sane people like me have been removed or are on almost permanent suspension:

Comments made mostly by liberals that hate themselves, and the typical pro-criminal BLM cunts you see online repeat misinformation upon misinformation, like a bunch of ignorant cavemen that clearly NEVER saw the video. That shitbag excuse of an officer Byrd (who was previously in trouble for leaving his gun unattended in a bathroom) never called out any demands to cease and “stop” ….at least not on any videos I’ve seen of the incident. Maybe the FBI should release the other 14k hours of security cam footage they’ve been hiding for months…unless you know, there’s something they didn’t want us to see like the 20+ unindicted co-conspirators they had working for them to aggravate the situation. Check out the comments from these mouth breathing losers who don’t seem to understand that 1) she was visibly unarmed 2) he called out no warnings 3) there were other law enforcement officers not freaking out about anything right behind her 4) trespassing is not a felony, and her taxes paid for that damn building and 5) despite the dramatic hooplah the FBI is dropping cases and being forced to admit there was little planning in what happened that day and most people were let in.

Here we go:

“1,000’s behind her had a gun?” Actually only 6 were caught with illegal firearms and one was Antifa and let go without charges.

I bet anything that broad has a baby daddy currently sitting or about to be in jail….

Not everyone was a complete welfare case shitbag about it, there were apparently a few stragglers of common sense out there left on Facebook:

Facebook is trash. As someone you has personally been suspended over a dozen times for my opinion on how the Covid vaccine isn’t safe, or that election fraud was real….assholes cheering the death of an unarmed female vet are A-OK to Zuckerberg. Get on GAB, it’s uncensored and you’ll actually see the real news instead of just what the Left wants you to see.

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy