Woman Who Assaulted Old Man in a MAGA Hat Goes Missing; Turns Out Nobody Cares

A little while back I brought you a story about a rabid liberal that verbally assaulted an old Jewish man for wearing a MAGA hat in a Starbucks then continued a hate campaign online to doxx the guy and his family on Facebook all the while declaring herself a social justice hero for brown people everywhere. I’m not kidding, you have to read this…


Someone sent it to me wanting help since she was trying to ruin the poor man’s life, and not too long after that article she’s the one that ended up getting fired. Karma comes quick.

Anyway, now she’s gone “missing” and the local Police Department put out a notice on their Facebook about it. Problem is, no one really gives a shit. It’s already being rumored that her family has said that she’s “voluntarily missing” and she’s not a threat to herself she just wants some time away…


or whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean, and the chances she’s doing this for sympathy as an end game is ultra high.

If sympathy is what this is about….she ain’t getting it in that comment section. It got so bad that the Aberdeen Police Department had to delete the post. Luckily my homies over at Turtleboy Sports alerted me in time and I screenshot the comments before they got deleted.

Is it the nicest thing in the world to be laughing at these comments especially while she’s still missing? Probably not. Could it have happened to a bigger shit bag? Clearly not. That, and some of these are funny as hell. Even the few comments defending her have mostly laugh reacts on them…

UPDATE: She’s been found. It turns out that she was just hiding from her own awful behavior. Laugh away guilt free now….

So enjoy….

Those are Mankeys by the way, it’s a Pokémon. ?

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

This guy summarized it best, and I’m sorry I accidentally deleted the last screenshot and can’t get it back…but you get the point.

(Shout out to Turtleboy Sports for sending me the link in time, they’re an epic follow if you’re not already!)


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