Woman Fired From Dental Assistant Job Over Pro-Trump FB Posts

The “loving and tolerant” Left seems to be at it once again, and this time it cost a Trump supporter her job as a dental assistant in Milwaukee.

It started when Precision Dental MKE received a single, negative review on their Facebook…something you’d think businesses would be used to by now.

Racist comments? You’ll notice that they don’t actually attach a screenshot as proof nor specifically name a person.

Yet somehow Precision Dental responded with this….

With proof, rhyme, or reason…the dental business decided to terminate Robyn Polak, the only known Republican employee they had.

Via: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I searched through the profile in question and found nothing but pretty cut and dry pro-Trump related posts.

The Facebook account that made the claim has of course, mysteriously and conveniently disappeared from the platform as well. Because of course, the cowardly Left knows what’s going to happen…and can never deal with the doxxing they dole out themselves.

The Dental office has since locked down it’s Facebook…

As well as their business website…

Partly I’m guessing because of the justified backlash, and also because they’re clearly huge leftist pussies.

They can still be found on Google for what it’s worth. (Milwaukee… it’s NOT THE ONE IN KENTUCKY.)


When will discrimination against Trump supporters end?

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