“Woke” Social Justice Warriors Can’t Understand Why No One Wants to Date Their Non-Binary Genderfluid Pansexual Friends

I honestly don’t care how consenting adults want to live their lives, you can do whatever you want until you start making demands on me or other people. Personally, I feel like they’ve made it way more complicated and redundant than it needs to be though…like, where did all these other fucking letters after LGBT come from?

But I’ve seen several articles written by leftists that are sad because their pansexual binary genderfluid queer trans-species friends can’t get laid…like, “Gee, I wonder why…..”

Apparently VICE thinks it’s cause you’re all homophobic bigots….


I feel like the Left is constantly having a “Who’s the most unfuckable” contest going on….but yea, apparently we’re all bigots because most of us are actually discriminatory about who we sleep with and god forbid we want an honest answer about the plumbing down there.

Didn’t you know that even gay people having physical sexual preferences is “racist” yo?

Thanks MTV for keeping us all “woke.”

So let’s take a stroll through some of these insufferable dating profiles (that I can’t believe these people so proudly made public) and try to figure out where they might be going wrong…

Yea, that’ll do for eyebrows. Look, I’m not saying Lain’s confused here, but he does manage to refer to himself as both asexual, plural, and male in just one line of writing. Pretty sure those are all supposed to be different things. Kinda looks like Behop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though…

Trans girl robot? Robot? Ash looks like every kid that ever came into the Hot Topic I worked at in 1997…

Yea, if you’re one of those “flag waving” weirdos that love the country they live in just move along…..no time for intolerance in this Japanime cartoon’s life…

No, boys do not get periods. Man, being a social justice warrior ages these people hard…

Yes, scary Kabuki woman, I think we do know what “special” kind of lady means…not to be “shallow” but what’s with the Cholla lip liner?

How can you be both and neither genders at the same time? See, this is how I know they’re just making shit up to be complicated for no reason. Shame the world will be short one more Disability Studies major….

Nice shirt bro, “Suck your own dick?” I can tell by those feminist bangs that says she’d be the first to get offended if a guy used that word. Man, I hope the “dog freak” part isn’t literal…

This isn’t from a dating site, but it’s still an insufferable public profile…

You are not clever nor cute because you obnoxiously demand people use phe/per pronouns, plural ones were bad enough. You are also not a fucking owl. I don’t know what “libfem” means and I don’t care, they are clearly making this up as they go along….

People are not “transphobic” or bigoted just because they are not attracted to you. That’s just life. The insufferable and over-complicated dating profiles you dreamt up aren’t helping either. I’m not even sure how these people can stand themselves, nevermind eachother. You can’t gain 300 lbs, cut shitty bangs, and draw “X’s” on for eyebrows and expect the average person to be attracted to that. Try growing up and developing an actual personality…..


  1. Love your posts Mindy, had to laugh at this one. Seriously though, you do a great job in revealing to a wider audience stuff we’d never have realised. Hell, I never looked at a dating site in my life.
    Stay true, stay safe.

  2. It’s a shame you grew up in a home that never installed the basic fundamentals to guide you down the tracks of what its like to be normal. I’m also sorry that God got sidetracked when creating you but that’s no reason to not try to cope with it the best you can. Exploiting your situition is not going to get the masses to change their views unfortunately so be normal and live as normal as you can. Otherwise you’re in for a rough ride. Either that or buy up all the land around burning man and live there forever…just an after thought.

  3. Yes it’s a real mystery.

    Men have heard this sort of thing from feminists for decades. Feminists try to convince themselves and the sisterhood that the reason a man doesn’t want them is because . Men just move on and leave feminists to their cats. Yet the feminist cult seems unable to comprehend this response and throws more vitriol towards men. Strangely this doesn’t make them more attractive to men. Weird eh?

    Is anyone really surprised that these “woke” SJWs in their echo chamber are just as deluded as feminists?

  4. Just started reading your site. Enjoy your writing style. Direct and truthful, which is a rarity these days. Keep it up!

  5. These profiles all seem like crazy rare Pokemon cards. None of these people should exist in the real world and they seem to have magic abilities or characteristic that I have never heard or seen before.

  6. I needed this laugh today! “What?! You mean you are not attracted to the smell of my unwashed body?! BIGOT!” lol!

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