Why the Left is Silent About The Murder of Mollie Tibbets

My entire Twitter feed is inundated with patriots and conservatives that are beyond angry about the murder of Mollie Tibbets….by what turned out to be an illegal alien that wasn’t even supposed to be here. But there is a twist to the story that has not been made public yet….Mollie Tibbets like many young college students was a liberal.

Her Twitter most definitely leaned left, pretty typical anti-Trump retweets…

She supported Planned Parenthood and even retweeted a post defending late term abortion….

There’s also this….which, well don’t get me started.

Pretty standard leftist rhetoric really, and yes it’s all screenshot before someone gains access to it and deletes it.

My point is, despite the fact she probably disagreed with or hated everything I stood for….she didn’t deserve to die. I thought a lot of dumb things too when I was young. There’s a reason liberals grow into conservatives and rarely the other way around…unless they get rich, famous, and spoiled apparently.

The left needs to stop picking sides just because it’s the opposite of whatever Trump or other conservatives want. ICE exist for a reason, immigration laws exist for a reason, deportation of illegal criminals exist for a reason…not “believing” in it, won’t keep you magically safer…..

So where is the left’s outrage over one of their own? Do they really care more about open borders and sanctuary cities? Do murdered lives only matter to them if it fits their narrative?

I’ve seen everything today from the media using the euphemism “undocumented” to describe the killer instead of illegal, I’ve seen them say who cares….she’s just a girl from Iowa….


They’ll point out that the guy who hired him was a supposed Republican, while failing to mention he was using a stolen ID to pass a check. But most of the deflection is going to “well people are murdered all the time, so who cares about his immigration status.” Because….HE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

Stop arguing, just for arguing’s sake. Our unsecured borders affect all of us….let’s do what we need to do to prevent this tragedy from happening again. We are all Americans.

Don’t be this asshole….

And what’s happened to the case since?

NOTHING. The trial got pushed back because they want time to discover more evidence. Evidence for what the guy confessed and literally lead them to the body!


Our justice system is fucked and rife with bullshit. We need to fix it, and we need fix our immigration laws. How many more need to die in vain without justice?



  1. Well in case you hadn’t heard he’s asking for the trial to be moved to a location with a more latino population.

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