Why Don’t We Raise the Age to Buy a Gun to 21?

In light of any useful shooting, the political Left takes up the cry for “common sense” gun control. One of the controls that seems trendy is raising the legal age to purchase any firearm to 21. Let us explore that idea.

LEFTIST POSITION: “We should raise the legal age to purchase a firearm to 21!”

FACTUAL POSITION: In the 35 deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history (as reported by CNN)…

  • 29 of the shootings the shooters were 21 or over
  • 5 of the shootings by those under 21 did not involve a legal purchase by the shooters
  • 1 of the shootings might have been prevented, unless…
    • He acquired a weapon by straw purchase (look it up)
    • He bought a weapon on the black market
    • He built his own weapon
    • He inherited a weapon
    • He stole a weapon
    • He took a weapon from a family member’s house
  1. 64 YEARS OLD //58 killed – October 1, 2017 – Stephen Paddock, the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino shooter
  2. 55 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – July 1, 1993 – Gian Luigi Ferri, the San Francisco shooter
  3. 51 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – August 20, 1982 – Carl Robert Brown, the Miami machine shop shooter
  4. 47 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – September 14, 1989 – Joseph Wesbecker, the Standard Gravure Corporation shooter
  5. 47 YEARS OLD // 13 and an unborn child killed – November 5, 2009 – Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter
  6. 45 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – March 29, 2009 – Robert Stewart, the nursing home shooter
  7. 44 YEARS OLD // 12 killed – July 29, 1999 – Mark Barton, brokerage house shooter
  8. 44 YEARS OLD // 14 killed – August 20, 1986 – Patrick Henry Sherrill, the post office shooter
  9. 42 YEARS OLD // 9 killed – June 18, 1990 – James Pough, the General Motors Acceptance Corporation shooter
  10. 41 YEARS OLD // 13 killed – April 3, 2009 – Jiverly Wong, the Binghamton, New York shooter
  11. 41 YEARS OLD // 21 killed – July 18, 1984 – James Huberty, the McDonald’s shooter
  12. 41 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – October 12, 2011 – Scott Evans Dekraai, the Salon Meritage shooter
  13. 40 YEARS OLD // 13 killed – September 25, 1982 – George Banks, the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania shooter
  14. 39 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – January 19, 2010 – Christopher Speight, the Appomattox, Virginia shooter
  15. 35 YEARS OLD // 23 killed – October 16, 1991 – George Hennard, the Luby’s Cafeteria shooter
  16. 34 YEARS OLD // 12 killed – September 16, 2013 – Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter
  17. 34 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – August 3, 2010 – Omar Thornton, the Hartford Distributors shooter
  18. 29 YEARS OLD // 49 killed – June 12, 2016 – Omar Saddiqui Mateen, the Pulse nightclub shooter
  19. 28 & 29 YEARS OLD // 14 killed – December 2, 2015 – Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik the San Bernardino, California shooters
  20. 28 YEARS OLD // 13 killed – September 5, 1949 – Howard Unruh, the Camden, New Jersey shooter
  21. 28 YEARS OLD // 10 killed – March 10, 2009 – Michael McLendon, the Alabama shooter
  22. 26 YEARS OLD // 9 killed – October 1, 2015 – Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer, the Umpqua Community College shooter
  23. 26 YEARS OLD // 25 and an unborn child killed – November 5, 2017 – Devin Patrick Kelley, the
  24. Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooter
  25. 25 YEARS OLD // 18 killed – August 1, 1966 – Charles Joseph Whitman, the University of Texas shooter
  26. 24 YEARS OLD // 12 killed – July 20, 2012 – James E. Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado movie shooter
  27. 23 YEARS OLD // 32 killed – April 16, 2007 – Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter
  28. 22 AND 20 YEARS OLD // 13 killed – February 18, 1983 – The Wah Mee shooting.
  29. 21 YEARS OLD // 9 killed – June 17, 2015 – Dylann Roof, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, shooter
  30. 20 YEARS OLD // 27 killed – December 14, 2012 – Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, *but* he didn’t buy the guns, they belonged to his mother
  31. 19 YEARS OLD // 17 killed – February 14, 2018 – Nikolas Cruz, the unleashes a hail of gunfire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida shooter
  32. 19 YEARS OLD // 8 killed – December 5, 2007 – Robert Hawkins, the Omaha, Nebraska mall shooter, *but* he did not buy his gun, he stole it
  33. 18 & 17 YEARS OLD // 13 killed – April 20, 1999 – Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine High School shooters, *but* they didn’t buy the guns, a friend bought them
  34. 17 & 16 YEARS OLD // 9 killed – August 10, 1991 – Johnathan Doody and Alessandro Garcia, the temple shooters, *but* they took one gun from garcia’s house and borrowed the other gun
  35. 16 YEARS OLD, // 9 killed – March 21, 2005 – Jeff Weise, the Red Lake High School shooter, *but* he stole his gun


LEFTIST POSITION: “But, but, but if it saved those 17 lives, it would be worth it! Children’s lives are at stake!”

LOGICAL POSITION: If the goal is to save children’s lives, and if one believes raising the age to purchase an object is a valid strategy, then logic dictates one must address the legal age to purchase text-capable devices before one addresses the legal age to purchase firearms; text-capable devices account for more deaths of teens than firearms (as reported by DMV.org).

  • Texting and driving is the leading cause of death in teens
  • At least 9 people are killed every day because of a distracted driver.

It’s for the children, right? Why isn’t the Left demanding legislation to raise the legal purchase age for text-capable devices? If it saves just 18 lives in two days, it would be worth it, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it?

LEFTIST RESPONSE: “Nice deflection. Stay on topic. We’re talking about guns!”

LOGICAL RESPONSE: Clearly, saving lives is not the topic. If one actually cared about saving lives, especially children’s lives, one would be more outraged by text-capable devices than about firearms, because personal electronics pose a greater threat.

Where are the marches, protests, legislative bills, and weeping TV personalities calling for common sense smartphone control? There are none, because saving lives is not a priority. If it was a priority, then there would be evidence.

There is no formidable National Smartphone Association to oppose raising the legal age for purchasing text-capable devices. There is no Constitutional Amendment protecting the right of people to keep and bear text-capable devices. This should be an easy win if saving lives is the issue.

Everyone who demands legislation against a lesser threat does not care as much about saving lives as they care about virtue signaling. Virtue signaling does not trump civil rights.

Saving lives is not the issue. What is the reason for wanting to increase the age limit to purchase a firearm to 21?


LEFTIST RESPONSE: “Why shouldn’t we? We limit the age for alcohol and tobacco!”

LOGICAL RESPONSE: Isn’t that called deflection? Are we talking about alcohol and tobacco or are we talking about guns? One may try to compare firearms to alcohol and tobacco. Let us explore that. The legal age to purchase alcohol and tobacco are due to adverse effects of consumption on the individual’s health, including the risk of death due to toxicity and impairment. Comparing firearms to alcohol and tobacco is a losing strategy:

  • Unlike weapons, there is no Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear alcohol and tobacco; they do not compare
  • Operating a firearm does not cause impairment, consuming alcohol does; they do not compare
  • Operating a firearm does not risk physical addiction, consuming alcohol and tobacco does; they do not compare
  • Operating a firearm does not affect the user’s health through toxicity; consuming alcohol and tobacco does; they do not compare
    • If you disagree, then the burden is on you to cite a reputable source that shows operating a firearm introduces toxins into the body in the same manner as consuming alcohol and tobacco
    • If you should succeed (unlikely), then your point would still be invalid because saving lives is clearly not the issue, as shown by the lack of interest in common sense cell phone control

Saving lives is not the issue. What is your reason for wanting to increase the age limit to purchase a firearm to 21?

LEFTIST RESPONSE: “Well, we have to do something!”

LOGICAL RESPONSE: Doing “something” for the sake of feeling better is not a valid reason to pass legislation, especially if it infringes on a civil right.

LEFTIST RESPONSE: “That’s not an infringement on your civil rights!”

LOGICAL RESPONSE: Would you support raising the voting age to 21?

LEFTIST RESPONSE: “That’s totally different! Deflection! Educate yourself, you racist, sexist, ignorant, Russian bot! Fake account! Trumpanzee! Trumpy! Trumpkin! Fascist! Wxxxx supremacist! Wxxxx nationalist! I’m going to report you for hate speech! Reeeeee! REEEEEE!”

LOGICAL RESPONSE: Name-calling is an intellectual forfeit.

What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh.