White Supremacy is Everywhere! (If You Try Really, Really Hard Enough)

Seriously though, the Left tries really hard….

Can you believe she’s just sitting there making the low key white power symbol with her hands, also known as the “OK” sign on live TV? Why doesn’t she just drink milk or play Dungeons & Dragons while she’s at it?!?! (That’ll make more sense in a minute.)

The Left believes there’s racism hiding behind every corner, and inside every bag of delicious waffle fries at Chick-fil-A. They truly believe that they’re taking a stand against white supremacy and white genocide every time they find a micro aggression that could be construed as racist, if they try really hard enough and used everything they learned in gender studies class. They believe they now have the key to all our “secret” hate symbols!

And whatever you do…don’t be an outspoken conservative like my friend Jeremy Oliver here and reply to that post that it’s absolutely bullshit….

Because you’ll get hit for the fake “hate speech” meme that’s isn’t even real…long before they’ll ever get in trouble for spreading false propaganda against conservatives. And don’t try to explain yourself either…

Nope. Welcome to FB jail Jeremy for telling the truth and pointing out that the Left was wrong…

Even though the OK sign was long since debunked as a 4chan prank that idiot leftists to this day still believe. It really makes you wonder how they ever bought it at all….




Oh, and about that woman Zina German Bash making that “secret white power” symbol behind Trump in the picture…

OK fine, maybe they’ll believe us now….but what will be next?

Or this?

And, what about this?

I’m kidding. Even in the socialist liberal dream that was Star Trek, they were still allowed to be proud of their heritage without being called a racist just for waking up that morning.

What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh. (Edited by Mindy Robinson)



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