White-Faced Cows Deemed “Racist” by Leftists

In “What Imaginary Bullshit is Racist This Week” news……it’s apparently white faced cattle.

Now, I actually did go to an Aggie high school and though we had mostly Holsteins and Jerseys….I’m still fully aware that this is actually a type of cattle. They all have white faces, all of them. More specifically….

I’d like to think that even the average person would look at that cut out and think “Oh yea, that calf has a white face.” But in a world where fucking idiots actually think chocolate milk comes from brown cows….

….and add that in with a generation of perpetually offended useless soy riddled assholes who can’t research anything before deciding that they’re going to be outraged by it….and you get dumb ass comments like these.

Take notice of the laugh reactions and you’ll see just how serious other people are taking their being “offended.”

Now….maybe I shared this on my page and a bunch patriotic conservatives went over to even the ratio….but that’s what makes trolling so damn fun.

You see…leftists will pull all the bullshit they think they can get away with….so don’t let them. Call them out on it, and have a good time laughing as they revel in their own self-hate and misery. I know I do.

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  1. I have a white face and think it is awesome. White is as good as any other color. So all you as s clown sissy libtards can kiss my White as s. Oh yea my wife said you can kiss her yellow as s. She is Korean.

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