What the Liberal Media is Really Doing

Here’s the short version: Journalists are real American heroes. Trump is a mullah figure, simultaneoulsy Hitler and Stalin. He has committed the great sacrilege of calling the media on their BS inciting violence among his army of deplorables (copyright Hillary Clinton). Any second now, Trump’s  Brownshirt Jihadis (people like you) are certain to murder noble journalists standing up for truth, justice, and the American Way.

ON MSNBC Live, the New York Times’ Bret Stephens said, “But if 1,000 people are giving Jim Acosta the middle finger, some subset of that, maybe ten people, are people like my caller. Some subset of that are going to take it to the next step. There is someone out there. We live in the age of the active shooter and the President is goading them. He is inciting them. He’s not saying get rid of this turbulent priest but he’s not a child who doesn’t know he’s carrying a loaded gun. The blood will be on his hands the moment some whack-job thinks that he’s carrying out the instructions of a president and goes into a newsroom like the one behind us or the one in my news organization or yours and murdered people.”

Not blowing journalists who hate you is supposed to be a precursor to violence?

On the same show, MSNBC contributor, Jason Johnson said, “We’re going to have a Charlie Hebdo situation here, without question. Without question. It is going to happen. Because of the behavior of this President.”

Imagine if the Left was as concerned about actual Muslim extremists as they are about tax-paying patriots.

On MSNBC Live With Alex Witt, Chris Whipple said, “Well, he’s completely out of control. And I think that obviously all of these tweets this morning are trouble. Don Jr. attacking Lebron, we can talk about that all day. To me, the real story is the tweet he sent this morning once again attacking the press as the enemy of the people, calling journalists sick. It’s outrageous, it’s incendiary and it’s dangerous. It’s only a matter of time if he continues before someone will get injured or possibly killed. And I agree with Bret Stephens, that if that happens, blood will be on Donald Trump’s hands. Not only that but I think this goes to the inner circle around Donald Trump and I mean by that, John Kelly, Ivanka Trump, Hope Stevens if she’s on Air Force One…These, it is their…this is also on them. It is their responsibility to tell Donald Trump that this is outrageous, it’s right out of Joseph Stalin’s play book, someone is going to get killed and I think that they all have to think about their own responsibility when he does it.”

The President of the United Sates is not being controlled by journalists and pundits… the horror! THE HORROR!

On the same show, Adrienne Elrod said, “You know, he doesn’t care, he just lashes out. It’s very dangerous, this war that he has against the media to the point that Chris just made is beyond reprehensible. Somebody is going to get hurt. Any time he has any sort of concern about the way the media covers him, instead of saying, you know what, maybe I should use this constructively to change my demeanor, instead he lashes out at the press and calls it fake news. So again, he’s out of control.  I don’t know if Hope Hicks being back on the plane will somehow create some sort of more level-headed Donald Trump. I don’t think it will but we’re really moving into some dangerous times here.”

Is it wrong for the President to lash out a the media, when the media has made sabotaging the President their reason for living? Is there are any concern that the media constantly accusing the President of being a treasonous, illegitimate, physically unfit, mentally unfit, criminal Nazi who is destroying democracy, forcing women to be pregnant, deporting citizens who are non-white, and all but setting up death camps? Maybe just a hint of introspection might be valid? Maybe?

In an interview with Salon, a history professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Richard Frankel said, “With Trump’s nationalistic rallies, and all of his language and imagery, he is setting up an environment where violence is possible. No one should be surprised when the violence occurs because we have seen that throughout history.”

As a scholar, maybe the Rickster could document all of the riots that occurred when Democrats were elected President.

New York Times media columnist, Jim Rutenberg questioned, “How long before someone is seriously hurt, or worse?”

People have already been hurt, but they were conservatives, so they don’t count, right?

Writer for the New Yorker and a CNN commentator, Jeffrey Toobin expressed, “Someone is going to do something awful to a journalist. I feel for our colleagues who are sitting there as people yell and boo and chant ‘CNN sucks.'”

If your colleagues don’t want to be booed, maybe they should try being less obviously partisan. Ya think?

New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristoff wrote, “When Trump galvanizes crowds against reporters in the room, I worry that we may lose journalists in the line of duty not only in places like Syria but also right here at home. Trump will get people hurt.”

Wait, “…in the line of duty…”?!?!?!? I’m sorry, when did journalists rise to the level of law enforcement officers and war fighters. Are there journalists facing IEDs and snipers at rallies and pressers? What kind of PPE is standard issue for Americas alarmed forces? Are news readers leading the way on dynamic entry teams in drug houses? What is the ratio of journalists killed in the line of duty compared to law enforcement officers? Do you gag when you blow yourself and your pals like that, or have you suppressed the reflex through practice?

POLITICO and CNN analyst David Gergen said, “That is the president’s responsibility, and unless he stops this soon, I will tell you, if there is violence against any reporter that’s tied to this, the blood is going to be on his hands.”

The blood from the Alexandria shooting rests on whose hands? What happens when the next social justice warrior hears the media klaxon about how Trump is a dangerous madman (who must be stopped)? When the Leftist mob beats another person with a bike lock and takes action, who’s hands will share that blood? When the next crowd hurls eggs, spittle, urine, feces, dye, rocks, glass bottles, and fireworks at conservatives for attending a rally or daring to attend a speaking event, who shares the blame.

The Leftists of Antifa riot and initiate brawls. They commit vandalism. They commit arson. They commit assault. The Right vandalizes neither public nor private property. The Right doesn’t burn limousines, machinery, and garbage. The Right has learned to fight back, but they still don’t initiate violence. Celebrities call for violent revolution… they suffer no consequences. Entertainers make art about assassinating the President… they suffer no consequences. Maxine Waters calls for crowds to harass political opponents from gas stations, restaurants, and stores… and she suffers no consequences. I defy journalists, with all the faux-moral outrage they can muster, to show me a federal politician on the right that called for the same crowd confrontation. Go ahead. I’ll wait. James Hodginkson (a Bernie supporter) attempted the mass assassination of Republican legislators. Who’s hands on the Left bear that blood? Bret Stephens, Jason Johnson, Chris Whipple, Adrienne Elrod, Richard Frankel, Jim Rutenberg, Jeffrey Toobin, Nicholas Kristoff, and David Gergen… show me the Right-wing equivalent of James Hodgkinson. I dare you.

Maybe, if journalists, pundits, politicians, and celebrities were honest, maybe something about people in glass houses throwing stones might come to mind…

What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh.