Welcome to “Red, White, and F You: The American AF Army”

We are at war with social media. If you’re sick of leftist garbage sites like Occupy Democrats, The Other 98%, NowThis, CNN, the Huffington Post, and VICE, blatantly spreading lies and misinformation then this page is for you.

We are looking for writers and contributors that are tired of being force fed what the mainstream wants us to hear, tired of everything being offensive and politically correct, tired of getting banned and censored on social media platforms for no reason other than being a red blooded, gun toting, terrorist hating, patriotic motherfucker…

Our country is being mislead by a loud, obnoxious crowd of liberal bullies….that call us bigots while being entirely intolerant of any views not shared by their limp wristed socialist soy drinking Trudeau loving anti-American friends. Together we can use their platforms against them, together we will Make America Great Again!


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