Washington Post Declares Only the Far-Right is Upset at Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

Washington Post declares that

The Washington Post put out an article that was such divisive, misleading bullshit, that you’d be hard pressed to find a comment defending or supporting them anywhere on it at all. I scrolled for awhile and could not find one, which is almost statistically impossible.

What did they write? They basically implied that only “far right” people were angered at the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks.

The ratio of comments to actual likes, is normally a telltale sign that no one commentating is agreeing with you. Reading through them, you’ll see that’s blindingly true…

So yea. I think that about sums up everything wrong with the media today. The Washington Post is basically just click bait at this point.

Feel free to follow the shit storm here… https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/1120394483445710848?s=21

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