Vegas Production Illegally Demanding Vaccine Passports for Workers

If you’re not coming to Vegas for a conference, chances are you’re coming to gamble, relax, and enjoy a show. One of the bigger shows on the strip is run by Royal Productions, they do the Excalibur sword stunt show…and a great show at that.

Problem is, Royal Productions is demanding actors and workers illegally provide proof of “vaccination.” This Covid “vaccine” is experimental, has had ZERO long term tests done, absolutely no generational side effects studied, and is not FDA approved for anything beyond “emergency use” or whatever that’s supposed to mean. You cannot sue vaccine manufacturers if it injures you, not can your family sue if it kills you…and this “vaccine” has killed more people in half a year than all other vaccines have combined in the last 2 decades.

It is illegal to demand or even ask someone about their medical info, and demanding workers become free guinea pigs for Big Pharma is an immoral as it is unconstitutional. They don’t care if you already have anti-bodies from having it, and they don’t care that people risking their lives to take this vaccine are still catching covid…all they care about is that they can legally wash their hands of the liability by forcing people to inject themselves with a highly questionable, unnecessary, and untested form of gene therapy. If the government can’t legally force us…then the mega-corporations that control everything else will clearly try to.

Feel free to let them know how you feel about that, Royal Productions works directly with the largest employer in the state, MGM.

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