Vegas Councilman Wishes Trump Would Die in Multiple Tweets

Meet Bob Coffin, a Democrat representing the 10th district.

For those that don’t know, I’m a registered voter of Nevada…where a state with no voter ID law magically went all blue. Despite the fact it’s a gun friendly, business friendly, low income tax state. Interesting, no? #VoterFraud

One of these blue “gems” that got voted back in, decided for….no reason to tweet a fancily worded threat to Donald Trump that he hopes he dies in his sleep.

Now, just in case you read that and thought “Well, maybe he was quoting something else.” He actually doubles down and explained how yes, he was talking about Trump. Then goes on to diagnose him as mentally ill and willing to except Pence in his place as savior.

What in the actual…….that’s not how normal people talk.

It turns out, he went back and deleted it. Only to repost something somehow even worse than before, and then only go on and deny it.

How does he think he should be removed that’s “humane?” Is he talking about human euthanasia? I don’t know, but I definitely wouldn’t get in an Uber with anyone that talked end of days like that.

I’m pretty sure, after all the leftist rags were just complaining how tweets incite real life violence….that they’ll take this serious, right? Oh wait he’s a Democrat, and the rage mobs turn blind eyes to their own.

He’s so sure that nothing will happen to him….he boldly posted where to send complaints to city hall…..

Snail mail is nice, but here…I pulled their public number and their times for you. This guy needs some kind of evaluation. tel:702-229-6405

Feel free to ask our governor what the hell’s up with one of his councilman making weird, creepy, passive death threats to the president while you’re at it to.

Twitter: @stevesisolak

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  1. Meet Bob Coffin, a Democrat representing the 10th district. This man need to be locked up in an insane asylum! Someone check to see if he has any guns!

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