Update: Megan Murphy Files Suit Against Twitter in Trans-Ban Case

31 days ago Twitter took the side of biologically challenged in the war against normalcy. If you forgot, I made the unforgivable mistake of calling a biological man, a man. In the Trans Apocalypse this is grounds for immediate silencing. Digitally gulag’ed. Thanks Jack!

In that post I told you guys of the incredible story of Megan Murphy vs Jonathan Yaniv aka “Trusted Nerd”. Yaniv is a male to “male-in-make-up” trans, sexual predator, and alleged pedophile who uses the digital space as his own personal war room. And he isn’t just after getting people banned. He wants them prosecuted. Long story short: Megan Murphy said that [sic] “men aren’t women.” Jonathan Yaniv is the “offended” party. And he even takes credit for this banning in front of the Human Rights Council when he asks them to take on the Murphy case.

Well, Murphy is striking back. Journalist Tim Pool gives us this update today. And she’s going after the deranged bastards:

This is not a one-off instance. In fact its far too common. Had I not been a public figure with a blue check on Twitter I could be facing the same problems. Oh did I mention Murphy is a feminist? So everyone is on the chopping block. The idea of political correctness itself is circular and cannibalistic. Once they have no more right-wing enemies they will create new crimes to satiate their lust for “justice”.

It’s a truly amazing scenario. And I’m glad we were on top of it. Updates to follow as they become available. For now, check out the links below for the back story on Jonathan Yaniv aka Trusted Nerd. While you do, try to not puke. I’ll warn you ahead of time, he has a fetish for 10-12 year old girls and tampons. You’ve been warned.


Source Material:


Miranda Yardley


JonathanYaniv.org (click pic below to go to site)