University of Texas Professors Say They’re “Afraid” of Their Conservative and Libertarian Students

Leftists will tell you who they are by who they despise. Let us look at three professors at the University of Texas at Austin, Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa More, and Mia Carter. They challenged concealed carry on campus, which is perfectly legal in Texas. Go Texas! The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit dismissed their case.

Glass in the amended complaint argued her classroom speech would be “dampened to some degree by the fear” it could initiate gun violence in the class by students who have “one or more handguns hidden but at the ready if the gun owner is moved to anger and impulsive action.” In an affidavit she expressed particular concern for “religiously conservative students [who] have extreme views,” as well as “openly libertarian students,” whom she “suspect[s] are more likely to own guns given their distaste for government.”

What the what are “religiously conservative” students? Are they those that vote in every local election, primary election, and general election? If so, shouldn’t a professor applaud involvement in politics? Does she mean those students whose political positions are consistent in their adherence to conservative ideals? If so, what is wrong with that? She hasn’t stated any concern about religiously liberal students, despite the history of Leftist violence in the U.S. Could… could it be that Glass meant she is concerned not about religiously conservative students, but about students who are religious and conservative? I would love to hear Glass explain, “I’m irrationally afraid of students who are religious and conservative, but that won’t affect your grade, your treatment in my class, or your academic career, you murderous primitives. Honest.”

She is also afraid of openly libertarian students. Does that mean she finds closet libertarians, who are sufficiently ashamed of their interest in personal liberty to hide it, are not nearly as frightening? So, every pervert under the sun should be out and proud, but libertarians belong in the closet?

Maybe, I don’t know, maybe Doctor Glass is a person who was educated beyond her intelligence.

Maybe someone should ask her or her supervisor about her views of religious students, conservative students, and libertarian students?

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  1. This is the type of teacher I hate getting because ineveatably I end up having to chance the perspective (conservative v lib) from which I write assignments just to get the grade my effort and output diserve. This exact thing happened to me in an American History class (clouldn’t even write things straight down the middle for a c or better and I mran hard slant left) and to a lesser degree in my communications class. (for grammer nazis ues I know I have all kinds of mistakes dont care)

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