Now Twitter is Hiding Replies Author’s Don’t Want You to See

As you probably know, I spend a lot of time on Twitter exposing fake news, terrorists, pedophiles, and fraud. Most recently I’ve been outing the lies and inconsistencies of “Twitter Philanthropist” Bill Pulte for pretending his charity work is anything but a sweepstakes gimmick to gain popularity, push Jack Dorsey’s crappy Cashapp, and mine people’s personal data.

Naturally, he blocks every single person that questions him, because that’s what people on the up and up do, amirite?

Well, exposing this guy and protecting other people just got harder because Twitter has magically decided to push a new feature where a person can “hide” the replies that show up under their posts.

You have to be kidding me, lol. Does anyone else see the problem of “hiding” comments that displease the author? Aside from the boring echo chamber aspect of it all, it’s just another way to hide transparency on a platform riddled with fraud or worse.

How convenient. How very, very convenient this just so happened just as a guy pushing the CEO of Twitter’s crappy app was getting called out for not always giving the prizes out.

It’s alright, if I know people they’ll start checking for the comments the author DOESN’T want you to see before anything else now.

Who wants to bet the next step is to allow authors to delete the messages they don’t like altogether?

The Left’s fascism, intolerance, and bias continues…..

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