Twitter Is Being Used To Teach Terrorists How To Make Bombs

You know, I get sent a lot of tips in my inbox….but I never counted on accidentally uncovering a cell of terrorists on Twitter.

I have heard before that terrorists both foreign and domestic have used social media in the past to communicate. I figured they had secret groups and DM’d each other ideas, plans, and violent propaganda…but what I didn’t count on though, is that people were straight up posting information on not only how to make bombs and where to find the ingredients…but what kind of bombs would do the most damage.


It started when I was sent a long list of names to check out….and decided clicked on a few.

And found an account that does absolutely nothing but share links on how to make improvised explosives, chemical agents, where to buy fireworks and other specialized ingredients for bombs, etc.

What in the actual fuck? Also, I doubt a foreigner would say “darn tootin” about anything. In fact no one would say that unless they were literally trying to sound like they were some redneck farmer just looking for the most explosive fertilizer for their crops…which by the way, always means it’s the opposite.

So I clicked another….

And another….

And another….

And another, notice that they aren’t just tweeting links….but accumulating followers and tagging and thanking others.

Some even start out looking like they’d be a normal account on Twitter…..until you realize that they literally do nothing but tweet out ways to kill people.

There are 42 of these accounts on this list alone! And most link to other similar interest accounts that aren’t even on this list.

And don’t say Twitter doesn’t know about this either, because a few of the accounts have already been suspended, and even then probably only because the patriot that composed this list had reported it.

Oh, just “temporarily suspended?” I wish my conservative Trump voting friends that are permanently banned were so lucky.

So why post how to make bombs on Twitter at all?

Because if I were to jump on Google and look up 50 different ways to make bombs and where to buy all the ingredients for it, the FBI would literally be knocking down my door in a hot minute.

The way this is set up, all anyone has to do is scroll through one of these accounts’ timelines and click the link they need….and it shouldn’t set off the government algorithm that already exist whether you knew it or not.

So explain to me why conservatives are silenced on Twitter for things like saying “Learn to Code” or daring to imply that there are only might two genders…..but this, THIS is ok?

Here’s the list of accounts that someone in our government needs to be looking into ASAP.












































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