Twitter is Actively Deleting My Pro-Trump Comments From the Newsfeed

I’ve noticed this a few times before….I’d tweet the president in a positive manner and the comments on my post simply disappear. It’s happened only on pro-Trump tweets, or ones that I hashtagged MAGA. This time I was able to collect actual screenshots as proof though.

It started with this series of tweets from Trump about calling off the air strike at Iran…

Aside from the fact that the Left would have been upset no matter what Trump decided to do, he was right. You can’t start a war over a flying unmanned robot.

When I went to click on my post to read the comments, even though it claimed there were over 60, it only showed me the same 2 no matter what.

Weird. So I made a post on that post, about not being able to see any other comments….

…and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t just me.


Helluva glitch, don’t you think?

It seems like Twitter wants Trump to look weak about pulling back on bombing Iran…so they’ve taken to deleting and hiding comments about it instead.

They seems to be trying real hard to distract from the fact that Trump just trolled the Left into saying that we SHOULD be bombing Islamic terrorists off the face of the planet. ?

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