Tweet Calling for the Eradication of All Trump Supporters “Not Against Twitter Policy”

In a world where conservatives get ban hammers for almost anything (from claiming there are only two genders, saying “Learn to code,” or “dead-naming” a US traitor like I did) it seems the rules are much different for leftists on the same platform.

Meet Reza Aslan. I don’t know who he’s supposed to be or why he’s verified, but he was already in trouble for publicly calling for the eradication of a female public figure this week.


Which he weaseled out of and promptly double downed on and instead called for the eradication of ALL Trump supporters….because you know, everything is “racist” according to the Left.


Wow. So much love and tolerance. Stunning and Brave.

But apparently publicly inciting violence against Trump supporters doesn’t “go against Twitter rules” though, I reported it myself as did many others.


Nice. We need to wake up and realize that the real problem with this country is a leftist controlled media that will unabashedly push their narrative onto the public while suppressing all other dissenting opinions by any means necessary…..which includes promoting violence on us as well now.

When is enough, enough?