Top 10 Ways Conservatives Can Fight Zuck on Facebook

Conservatives getting persecuted on social media is nothing new…..but it’s definitely amped up this week in ways few are aware of. Since this is still the only means to communicate with each other en masse, I’ve compiled certain things to be mindful of, to avoid giving Zuck a way to ban you.

1. Critiquing Islam in any negative way at all, even Shariah Law. Any post that contains the word “Muslim” or “Islam” with negative phrases or words on it…is an almost guaranteed to get you a ban if just one dumb SJW decides to flag it. I got a ban for it, even though I specified that I was talking about a recent terrorist attack and it still set off some algorithm. Considering there are more Muslims than me (Catholics) I’m not sure how they got minority status over me to warrants all this special protection they get. You can say “Fuck Christians” but you can’t say “Fuck Islam.” Seems fair.

2. “Dead naming.” Apparently you’re supposed to just pretend a trans person was never anything else, even if you’re referring to the past. I got hit with a ban hammer on Twitter for saying Chelsea Manning should still be in a men’s prison…which is actually factually correct.

3. You cannot say “tranny” even if you’re talking about fixing your car. I don’t know when it suddenly became as bad as the “N” word, but it’s an instant ban even in a private message or group. (The “N” word with a hard “r” is the only other instantly banned word if it’s flagged I can think of.) So if you post a threat because someone calls you one…..censor it first so you don’t get punished.

4. Certain memes get labeled as offensive because Libs will mass flag them. It’s why so many people got hit with the ban hammer for those “It’s Ma’am” memes. Facebook can read the words off a meme somehow too, to see if they’re offensive. I don’t know how, but they do. Best to share a link of where you originally saw the meme, so they’ll get hit with the ban and you’ll just have a broken link you can easily delete.

5. Bleep things. It f*cking kills me too, but all it’ll takes is a few mad lefties flagging you for a ban.

6. Leave innocent sounding posts, but include an article that says it all for you….or be sarcastic. You get dinged for what you write and post…links to articles that say what you want is safe. (For now.) So comment something like “So much love….” then attach a link to something fucked up the left did again.

7. You might have to start manually follow your favorite conservative pages. Hitting “see first” helps sometimes, but my page was hit with a restriction by Facebook that heavily limits my reach. For sure I’m not the only one. Sharing them to your own page might be the only way other conservatives will even see conservative or patriotic stuff soon.

8. Make sure you have at least one back up social media to keep in contact with people. Those bans hit you overnight and it can fuck up everything when you can’t contact people via messenger.

9. Instead of taking the bait when a liberal crosses a line by being vulgar or threatening you, report and block them….since that’s what their plan was to do to you in the first place. Beat them at their own game. If it’s truly egregious and vile and reporting it doesn’t take it down…screenshot the response why and what was said and send it to me or [email protected] and I’ll call them out on your behalf.

10. Don’t just give up and delete it everything, that’s what the left wants you to do. Imagine a Facebook where Occupy Democrats runs free and unchecked, and then moderates and normal people start thinking that lying bullshit propaganda is real? It’s terrifying, honestly. Oh, and both Twitter and Facebook have access to read your private messages….so don’t do anything via messenger you wouldn’t want out there.

While I’m the last person in the world that wants to bend to the will and demands of leftists. We need to do it this way right to communicate with each other and stay informed, because we all know our “newsfeeds” have been manipulated for long time. You mean to tell me for all the data mining that they do in us…my newsfeed on Google, Facebook, and Twitter leans nothing but left?

Change is coming though, it will not always be like this.


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