Thugs Harass White Business Owners Over Cat Adoption Cafe Till It Closed

UPDATE: Mindy Robinson

There’s a kitschy cafe in Austin, Texas that also doubles as a cat adoption center. Kitties are free to roam the premise in hopes of winning someone’s heart over while they sip their morning latte. Sounds adorably sweet, right?

Well, not if you’re an angry racist social just warrior it seems. Since it’s conception, Blue Cat Cafe has had to deal with mobs of protesters that believe the cafe is guilty of racist “gentrification.”

What the hell does that mean, you ask? It means the group is upset that a white female business owner moved her cafe into “their” neighborhood. Instead of being happy that someone was willing to invest in their neighborhood while providing a charitable service….they’re upset that they’re white and there, (being Female counts for nothing for these activists apparently…)

Before the cafe there was a piñata store that closed down due to what I can only imagine was the fact they only sold piñatas……that can be easily bought at Party City for way cheaper, the one time a year you actually need them.

And they’re not just being your typical self righteous racist assholes either. They’ve vandalized the premise with spray paint, superglued the door locks so that the cats couldn’t be taken care of, disrupted business by harassing customers, and even sent the owner death threats…which authorities refuse to act on.

How is this not racism again?

Stole land? It’s a paid lease….and if you’ve got any Spanish in you, it was never your land to begin with either…

Seems unbelievably ridiculous and illegal right? Well this is what happens when you let giant babies feel special and have their fucking way all the time. Racism against white people is a “thing” despite what some liberal douchebag professor tries to say. It doesn’t matter what the skin color is, it’s that someone hates someone else over it and this story is sadly living proof.

This cafe has been there since 2015, and racist thugs are still protesting it to this day because they believe they’re “defending their hoodz….”

We, as Americans need to reprimand this kind of bullying. It is not acceptable, and does nothing but make racial tensions worse in this country. The left does not get a pass because they’ve somehow rationalized it in their head that they’re doing something “good”…..they are not. Some jail time for harassment might smarten them up…..

Here’s the number for the mayor’s office if you’re bored or pissed off.

Contact the Mayor’s Office

Mayor Steve Adler


For the kitties…

UPDATE: This cat adoption cafe has closed as of Feb 14, 2019. They were harassed for being white and nothing else, and the city didn’t do anything. Feel free to let the mayor know how you feel about that.


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