Look at How They’re Dressed, They Were Asking For It!

A person uttering that sentence would rightfully be mocked, pilloried, and probably fired if it was said about the victim of any crime… unless the victim is a Trump supporter.

Hey, Maxine Waters, the troops have heard your call. They are mobilized, enthused, and ready to bully. Your hero, 30-year-old Kino Jimenez took the time out of his day to harass, assault, and steal the property of 16-year-old Hunter Richard for the unforgivable offense of wearing a MAGA hat.

The upstanding member of Maxine Waters’ army subsequently lost his job and has been arrested. Maybe Waters will give him a job? Some opportunist actually started a GoFundMe campaign for Kino… it was quickly cancelled.

Some people might think a guy with a rap sheet, caught on video committing crimes and being a donkey, is bad optics for Leftists…

…but some people think this guy’s behavior is very reasonable.

I’m not talking some internet mouth breather in the comments sections of the Root. I’m talking about blue check mark personalities on TV. Van Lathan is a TMZ staffer (whatever that means). Doctor Marc Lamont Hill is a Professor at Temple University and hosted  Our World with Black Enterprise, HuffPost Live, VH1 Live!, and and reunion shows for Basketball Wives; he was also a correspondent for BET News and a CNN political commentator. Let’s see what they have to say (corrections mine).

When the Left tells you who they are. Believe them.

What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh.

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