The Official SCOTUS Blog is Threatening Conservatives to Remove Tweets About RBG Being Dead

The verified blog for SCOTUS has been contacting conservative pundits via private message, and demanding that they retract previous statements about believing that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead.

I’m not kidding either, look at the blue check mark and number of followers….

They messaged two other conservative commentators, plus me (and who knows how many others) in a petty attempt to get us to publicly retract and acknowledge that she’s alive because of some flimsy “evidence” or something….

This is what they sent me….

And Cassandra Fairbanks…

And Steven Miller…..

Yea, it’s not going to happen, bro. As much as leftists would love conservative opinions to be silenced, there’s no law against thought crime yet.

So is it me, or does it make it even fishier that an official account would scroll through every blue check mark profile that mentioned that they thought Ginsberg was dead…and passive aggressively threaten us to take it down? Because I sure think it is.

Whatever, I’m keeping it up. And if I turn out to be right and she’s been dead for awhile someone out there owes me shots.

So RIP Ruth Bader Ginsberg

(even though she’s probably an atheist and thinks we’re nothing more than worm food anyway.)

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