The Creepiest Suggested Sale Items On Facebook Ever

I have this weird thing, where I collect the dumbest, weirdest, wrongest shit I see for sale. Sadly, some of these items were suggested sale item ads directed at ME in Facebook. I swear I have no idea what I’ve done in life to warrant such a fucked up newsfeed….although I’m guessing it has a lot to do with what I search for when writing articles.

Let’s begin…

I do not know, nor can I pretend to guess….but that shit ain’t cheap.

Facebook tried to sell me, ME!!! I’m female and this is a cock sock.

I got nothing.


To be fair….I would totally wear that shirt.

People party in different ways…..

Why is there a cigarette in a corgi’s ass? To prove that there’s a “usable” hole there. Holy shit, people are fucked up.

It’s a boingy spring, you put inside your vagina… know, for “laughs.” You could probably just leave a tampon in for the same “hilarious” effect.

I……..why, just why?

Well, at least they’re not being discriminatory…

Self explanatory.


Totally not cumbersome at all…..

Do you……swallow them, or?


What? That plant doesn’t exist, it’s from Mario Brothers….so what “seeds” are they selling here?

Soooooo “beautiful.”

How about, no.

This would actually be worth it just for triggering people on airplanes alone….

Whoever orders this needs to be put on a list, and who took the mold of that?

What the actual fuck? A mouth attached to tits….and why the teeth? Couldn’t get a good jagged raking from the whore across the street?


Still probably cuter than some babies…..

What goths get each other on Valentines Day?

I’ll never know what this is, and now you’ll never know what this is….

People are so damn weird it’s creepy sometimes….

I like that it states it’s “not for use of illegal activity.” Just when you know, you need to hide your “baking soda” and shit…. (eye roll)

I saved the best for last, Facebook suggested this for me….

I Had To click on it to see what it was….

It’s a pork leg “gag” gift. Now….”who” would be offended if you sent this to them other than the Linda Sarsour types? Exactly. Hahahahahahahh.

Ah Facebook, you know me TOO well….

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