The Creepiest Christmas Santas You Can’t Unsee

When it comes to scaring children, Santa is right up there with clowns, the Easter Bunny, and that creepy uncle no one trusts to babysit.

Creepy Santas come in 3 categories…have fun guessing which one belongs to each

1. Unintentionally scary.

2. Possibly drunk or homeless.

3. Vintage Santa…it’s the most terrifying and you’ll soon see what I mean.

Those kids have taken to Hannibal Santa pretty well considering…


“I just want to steal your soul….”

Burka Santa?

These kids were never seen again.

It looks like they did taxidermy to the real Santa.

In the 70’s everyone wore blue eyeshadow. Everyone.

“Just take the fucking picture already….”

Why does Santa have a black eye?

Creepy Santas always seem to have the gin blossoms…

What’s with these masks? Was it that hard to find an old guy With a beard back then?

A very rare Were-Santa!

“You looking at me!”

It kinda looks like David Carradine actually…

Sure it’s terrifying, but compared to everything else it’s looking kinda OK at this point….

Why is Santa wearing murder gloves?

Ahhhhh! How’d that get in there…

I think that’s that creepy uncle I was talking about in the back…

That…..actually might be the real Santa. ?

What the fucking fuck is going on here? Why does Santa have a uni-brow and how many times did he throw up on that beard? What’s with the Donny Darko rabbit and clown hobo just staring in the background?

I hope I don’t hear anything on the roof tonight…??

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