Taxpayers Forced to Pay for Convicted Pedophile’s Sex Change

In an unbelievably ridiculous judgment, a panel of 3 judges in Idaho upheld a previous ruling that not paying for a convict’s sex change somehow went against his “8th Amendment rights.”

Because apparently NOT cutting off someone’s balls is “cruel and unusual punishment.” Alright then, I’ll remember that when I start pushing for the neutering of child molesters.

Logical? When did Idaho go full liberal, never go full liberal.

The convict in question is a convicted sexual predator as well. Adree Edmo was convicted of the sexual abuse of a child under 16, but he’s scheduled to be released in 2021.

He looks hideous.

The worst part of it is, you know the second this guy gets a sex change he’s going to demand to be moved to a woman’s prison instead…where he will be a sexual danger to the real women there.

When is enough, going to be enough? It’s bad enough these POS criminals get a roof over their head, 3 hot meals a day, and healthcare on our dime…but now we’ve got to pay tens of thousands of dollars to fund their vanity project?

How about a compromise, how about we split it? My tax dollars will gladly go to cutting off their dicks and balls, and they can be responsible for all that other stuff. Deal? ????

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