Starbucks Refuses to Address Openly Racist Employee

In true hypocritical fashion, Seattle based overpriced coffee company Starbucks sided with the leftist mob after they apologized profusely over an imaginary racist incident that took place at one of their locations. Apparently it’s “racist” to ask two assholes that are loitering for hours to either leave or buy something, I know…the horror.

They apologized over…

And over….

And over….to the point they decided to close their locations for some bullshit sensitivity training.

They also rewarded those two assholes….which makes me wonder if it all wasn’t a set up in the first place.

But the leftist mob was still not satisfied…

Are you fucking kidding? The manager was just doing their job and you fired them? The manager is the one you should be having a settlement lawsuit with after this…

But I digress, so clearly Starbucks is a morally superior glowing liberal essence of society that we should all look up to, right?

Oh fuck no, they’re two-faced hypocrites.

One of their lovely employees recently decided to do this….

Yea, it’s a stupid order. But for $7.47 a pop Miss Deborah can have her coffee any way she fucking wants it. If I was that lady and this post got back to me, I’d be swat team kicking that coffee shop door open to confront “Kai.”

And who is “Kai?”

Just some insufferable SJW that openly hates white people who of course demands people refer to her using “they” pronouns because that’s what attention starved mouth breathers do to feel special now.

Liberals also must age like bananas cause that’s one rough looking 21 year old…

But of course tolerant and anti-racist Starbucks has to refused to address me or anyone that asks them about it….

You can’t virtue signal if the issue is someone being racist and shitty to white people, so they just don’t care.

And “Kai” like all people who think they have internet balls quickly made her profile private, changed the name, changed the pic….because getting trolled back by angry conservatives is just too much Karma for easily triggered millennials.

Remember when this happened?

So yea, fuck Starbucks. Clearly the world just needs to drink more Covfefe….

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  1. Wow first article I’ve read from you, and I love you I haven’t laughed while reading in a very long time. Please keep em coming and never give up on the cause.

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