Abortionists Respond With Vile Comments on Deceased Fetus Tweet

Emily Robinson (no relation, I think) posted a somber picture of a 9 week deceased fetus. Pointing out all the little human attributes like it’s tiny hands and eyes.

We all start out somewhere, and here it is. A fragile, innocent little soul that sadly didn’t make it.

As placental mammals, a life like this would incubate an average of 7 months further, although viability outside the womb for a fetus this size would only be 13 weeks more. Marsupial mammals give birth to underdeveloped fetuses like this all the time, but humans as a species push the limits on fetal incubation. We are a large brained species and 9 months is about as long as we can hold on to incubating our young before the size of the skull becomes problematic during birth.

Boring science stuff, sorry. But that’s not the point of this article. The point of this article is that despite the touching pro-life post made by this woman….it was followed by the ugliest, nastiest, most vile comments that I have ever seen over a dead baby.

Many comments referred to flushing it, or stomping on it to be rid of it….

Some referred to how they’d love to eat it (keep in mind, there are actually Asian countries that actually do eat aborted fetal matter believing it’s some sort of bullshit fountain of youth) ….which honestly makes some of these comments even more fucked up.

Wrap your mind around the level of degeneracy it takes to leave those kinds of comments about someone’s miscarriage. Someone out there, was a mother who lived and wanted that child. (An abortion would have left the poor thing in pieces, this must have passed naturally.)

THIS, is who is pushing for abortions on demand. Deprived, soulless, brainwashed liberals and foreigners. With all the technology, medical advancements, subsidized birth control, Plan B, everything out there…..is there really a valid reason other than the 1% cases of rape to abort a healthy child? No, there isn’t. It’s no different than our ancestors that looked the other way during slavery or the Holocaust….this is our generation’s evil to deal with.

Except it is a 9 week old embryo, this is the lie the Left generates and perpetuates to fill their coffers with Planned Parenthood money.

Vote Pro-Life.

I also wrote an article to help you debate and debunk 22 of the worst arguments I’ve ever heard for abortion here.

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  1. Wow… Those are some vial comments.. Ive never seen such SICK comments! RIP Sweet Baby, Your with our Lord now?
    May God Heal the momma who lost him/her… ❤
    So many millions of people who would give anything to have a baby and yet people still have abortions. People wait months and pay $$$$ to adopt. We have a really messed up world!!!

  2. the level of vile sick comments are just mind blowing the people in this country are beyond indoctrinated this is something more than that this is a level of evil I cannot describe…I’m just speechless

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