SNOPES Refuses to Correct Nathan Phillips Lack of Combat Service

Just in case you weren’t sure just how full of leftist shit Snopes is, as of 01/29/2019 they STILL haven’t fixed their article about the long since debunked non-Vietnam service of Nathan Phillips.

Oh? Except it most certainly fucking did and I can prove it….

Nice try Soros cronies, but it wasn’t just news sources that listed him as a Vietnam’s vet…they pulled that info from statements Nathan Phillips made himself, and it was more than him just saying it was the “era”….although Snopes does spend the rest of the article excusing away all the times he did.

All Snopes had to do in the first place is see if the dates match up. We did, and they didn’t…

I even posted this video where Nathan himself refers to himself as a Vietnam vet.

That’s in the Snopes transcript….but they still don’t think of it as “proof” although it clearly AF is.

In fact, he’s implied multiple times over that he was a Vietnam vet….

How is this not proof? Are they insane? Instead they claim that they’d need to “pull his record.”

Can’t obtain a copy? Everyone else seemed to though. “Way to go” oh so thorough “fact checking site.”

Also, do you realize how bad you have to fuck up in life to serve 4 years and still come out as the rank you went in at, an E-1? A lot. He also wasn’t a “recon ranger” like he claims, he was a refrigerator mechanic that went AWOL 3 times.

He has no problem collecting benefits and money from being a pretend Vietnam vet though….

Because apparently it only takes one day for conservatives to figure out fake news when we see it.

CNN on the other hand, not so much. They continued to tweet the story that it was the Catholic school kid’s fault in all this, long after that was also debunked as well.

Snopes is full of shit, and has been for years. It’s only useful now when they HAVE to agree with conservatives about something….because you know it’s killing them inside to.

I watched their articles change right before my eyes during the election, when someone obviously greased their wheels to change their conclusions to favor Hillary and the rest of the Left.

It’s beyond deceptive…..and this is the company Facebook gives preferential treatment to, to “fact check” all our news.

So who fact checks the fact checkers? Absolutely no one it appears. Here’s a great article by Forbes about what happens when people try…

Wrap your mind around that level of manipulation.

Comments from my Facebook page are hilarious though….Oh, and feel free to troll Snopes. They deserve it at this point…

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  1. I wish I could comment on your
    posts, but FB shut me down again.
    I called Rashida Tlaib and Ilian Omar
    “Muslim extremists and should never
    have been accepted to run for political
    office in the United States.
    30 minutes later, I was blocked on FB.

    February 7th though, I can repost.
    I’m gonna try a social experiment. I’m
    going to go on certain FB pages and call
    President Trump a racist, a communist, an
    LBGTQTP hater and see if I get blocked again.
    What are the odds I’ll get blocked?

    I’ve reported over a dozen slanderous comments
    about the Prez since I’ve and none of them
    were enforced.

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