Senator Chuck Schumer Received Contributions From Epstein

Chuck Schumer has been on a tear recently demanding that Trump answer for saying Jeff Epstein was a “terrific guy” over 17 years ago….but there’s one problem, The Democrats are more tied in with Epstein than Trump ever was. Hell, at least Trump grew wise with his dealings and went as far as to ban Epstein from his properties.

I’m not sure who’s smile is creepier to be honest.

First off, can you imagine being held personally responsible for implying someone was “terrific” almost two decades ago?

Secondly, Epstein donated to Schumer’s personal campaign several times through the years, enough to cap the yearly limit at the time. Are we not supposed to notice that, or think it’s a bigger deal somehow?

Truth is that Epstein financed a long line of prominent Democrats including John Kerry, Chris Dodd and more…which I’m guessing came with strings attached given the ridiculous leniency the DOJ showed him during his first conviction.

Schumer also took campaign money from Jaba the Slut himself, Harvey Weinstein….which he donated to charity when people started calling him out on it. (Schumer also claims he will donate Epstein’s money as well, now that he’s been called out on it.)

It begs the question, why are individuals and lobbies allowed to buy out politicians?

Are we not supposed to notice that the DNC uses Planned Parenthood to launder money? So PP “needs” money to keep its doors supposedly open despite being a profitable business that’s also subsidized by charity….but then turns around and gives it away by the millions to politicians so they can vote to give it more tax money? Oh ok, that’s not one big circular scam at all there.

We need to audit our congressman and representatives ASAP. We don’t need to see tax returns for Trump, we already know he’s a rich businessman that knows his way around tax loopholes. What we really want to know is how these government salaried politicians are living in mansions mysteriously beyond their means.

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