Remember all of the mainstream media handwringing over conservative media creating a “climate of hate”? Pepperidge Farm remembers. The average Leftist doesn’t. That’s why it’s easy to get them to fling poo where they are told.

The United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Michele Nielsen, is a successful, educated woman in a position of power. Peter Fonda declared she should be stripped naked, pilloried, and whipped by passersby while being filmed. He also declared she should caged and poked by passersby.

So when is the next pussy hat march scheduled? Where are the feminists baying online and in the streets? Where is the call for him to surrender his Golden Globe awards? Where is the call to have him scrubbed from his latest movie? Where are the celebrity disavowals? Is there a social justice hashtag campaign or a Facebook filter?

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, is a successful, educated woman in a position of power. Peter Fonda labeled her with the coarsest language. Does anyone want to compare this to the word Trump used? That kind of remark was supposed to disqualify him from the Presidency, remember that? Hey, Leftists, where’s the moral outrage? Why isn’t this the topic of a months-long news cycle?

LEFTISTS: Trump is a sexist pig because he made a vulgar comment a decade ago.

ALSO LEFTISTS: Fonda said that because he cares about children!

Hey, Leftists, imagine if a conservative actor advocated for Sasha and Malia being caged with sex offenders. How long would that actor’s career last? Hey, real quick, how does Peter Fonda’s tweet stack up to Roseanne’s tweet? You know, the one that got her booted from her own show? Tell everyone more about your righteous indignation over that.

Imagine if he tweeted the following:

LEFTISTS: Think of the children! The precious children!

ALSO LEFTISTS: Well, not their children, f*** those f***ing f***ers!

“Oh come on Justa, he’s entitled to his opinion. It’s not like anything’s going to happen!”

Maybe nothing will happen. How many people need to get the message before someone decides to #resist or #bashthefash or maybe something more than hashtagging?

Here is a poster boy for medical sterilization. Savor the irony of a tool who thinks he’s sticking it to The Man… smiling and giving the thumbs up to the symbol of a nation that literally put people in gulags. New York University Adjunct Professor, Sam Lavigne, created a database of over 1,500 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees and shared it to his 3,600 followers on Twitter. Then Antifa spread it to their followers.

“Free speech and stuff. The information is out there, he’s just sharing it.”

Hey, Leftists, remember when the media folks were appalled at Trump pointing out the misdeeds of members of federal agencies? Remember how that created a crisis? To my knowledge, he never composed a hit list of field agents. Sammy did. Isn’t that a lot worse? Did Peter Fonda’s “we should” statement or Sam Lavigne’s doxxing create a crisis? Or do you only revere the feds when they are useful for bashing Trump?

If something happens to a federal agent or one of their family members… I don’t expect to weep over much if Sammy takes a burst of semi-jacketed hollow points to the chest while resisting arrest. I’m entitled to my opinion, right?

“It’s not like anything’s going to happen! Leftists would never get whipped into a frenzy by heavily slanted news stories, the virulently hateful remarks of celebrities, and the semi-coherent wailing of talking heads with cameras.”

You mean except all of the post-election riots, and more recently the group of Leftists who harassed Kirstjen Nielsen while she was simply having dinner at MXDC? On what date did it become acceptable to organize a mob to harass someone having dinner? Just asking for a friend. Are you cool with it, Leftists? In a world where normal people are asked to take micro-aggressions seriously, maybe actual harassment should be frowned upon, maybe?

“Well, okay, Justa, that wasn’t nice, but so what?”

See this peach here? Laurence Key has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill the children of Rep. Brian Mast (R, FL). He made over 450 phone calls to make his point, so I think we can discount the standard I-made-a-joke-in-poor-taste-and-now deeply-regret-that-you-misunderstood-me defense.

Key reportedly said, “I’m going to find congressman’s kids and kill them. If you’re going to separate kids at the border, I’m going to kill his kids. Don’t try to find me because you won’t.”

Just so we’re clear. Leftists are foaming at the mouth over the alleged mistreatment of children separated from parents who are incarcerated for illegally crossing the border. How terrible is this place? Russian gulags? Nazi death camps? Vietnamese POW camps? Forced viewings of Peter Fonda’s cadaverous face? Nope. The facility at El Cajon, is run by Southwest Key within the Department of Health and Human Services’ Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program, under the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), and the  Administration for Children and Familes (ACF). It is not a house of cages (unlike the photos from the Obama administration). They provide free food, clothing, shelter, education, recreation, medical care, telephone service to call family, and (I kid you not) field trips the park, the zoo, and the museum, as well as a dress-up prom-type event. Yeah. They’re REALLY suffering. Maybe our veterans should sneak in with fake accents and self-identify as the children of criminals so they can get medical treatment.

When the Leftist’s mainstream media, the social media, academy, and celebrities lie, omit, and repeat their propaganda, of course it has results. That is the whole point. If you do it enough you get Antifa committing vandalism, arson, and assault to silence conservative voices and intimidate conservative people into retreat.

If you do it enough, you get guys like Bernie Sanders Supporter,James Hodgkinson, who took a rifle to a Congressional baseball game for the express purpose of killing Republican congressmen.

Thankfully he was a poor marksman, things could have been much worse.

What do I know? I’m Justa Gaibroh.