Sanctuary City Unapologetic About Not Preventing Murder of Teen Girl

These animals stripped a 14 year old girl naked, beat her with a baseball bat, before murdering her with a machete….all because they were worried she’d say something about a burglary. That’s how little life means to these POS MS-13 gang bangers

They had previously been arrested for attempted murder but long story short…they were released because Prince George Maryland county will not cooperate with ICE and released them because of their grande notion that sanctuary cities are some sort of righteous leftist Utopia.

Let’s not gloss over the fact that they shouldn’t even be here in the first place, they were minors that walked over that we absolutely didn’t vet. One was part of a large group and the other was unaccompanied.

Oh… and they absolutely do not care that this happened at all, in fact the county is defending their actions.

When will we start holding politicians personally, financially, and legally responsible for the murder of innocent civilians that they’re supposed to be protecting.

Why do they keep putting illegals over Americans…it’s fucking ridiculous. Feel free to tell the fake Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan exactly how you feel about the sanctuary cities in his already crime ridden state.

Oh, of course the contact page doesn’t work…that’s fine there’s always Twitter. They seem to care more about that anyway.

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