San Francisco Just Elected a Dangerous Radical Leftist for District Attorney

Jefferson Airplane guitarist -and noted LSD aficionado- Paul Kantner famously once remarked that his native San Francisco was “49 square miles surrounded by reality,” so I probably should be less surprised than I am that the recent election for San Francisco District Attorney was called in favor of someone as spectacularly unqualified and dangerous as Chesa Boudin. Granted all four candidates for the open seat were lefties, but Boudin was by far the most radical; as well as the only one that ran on a platform with signature planks for prosecuting ICE agents for kidnapping, not to mention offering plea deals to migrants (regardless of their immigration status) that won’t leave them liable to deportation.

We haven’t even touched on the fact he’s endorsed by a veritable murderer’s row of violent radicals and woke SJWs, or how he’s the child of Weather Underground terrorists and convicted cop-killers and was raised by WU founder Bill Ayers.

Angela Davis is such a lovely person:

Chesa’s campaign literature describes her as a “civil rights leader,” which should be a pretty big clue that we’re operating under radically different moral schemas:

There’s even Kim Foxx tossing her endorsement his way, you may remember her from the Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax:

There’s a whole lot to unpack here so lets talk about Chesa, starting at the beginning. For starters he hails from a long line of marxists and hard left types, so it shouldn’t be surprising his parents (David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin) were members of the Weather Underground domestic terror group and convicted murderers for their roles in an armored car robbery.

How about that anti-racism, guys? We’re living in a Clown World where the establishment tells us blacks can be white supremacists and anti-racist whites kill black cops and this all is supposed to make sense somehow. 

One of their victims:

He talked about what happened next in his interview with the DSA mouthpiece rag Jacobin:

Chesa ended up going to the Ivy Leagues as a Rhodes Scholar and working for Hugo Chavez ( because of course he did) before joining the Public Defender’s office in San Francisco. Now that he’s our new District Attorney, his priorities seem to be less about fixing the issues SF is notorious for -like poop on the streets, brazen auto thefts, and public drug markets- and more in line with thumbing his nose at Trump and turning SF into a safe space for illegals.

You can follow the link and see for yourself, but let me hit the main points of interest:

So under his administration, if you’re an immigrant (legal or illegal) your charges get dropped/reduced to protect you from potential deportation. Not only does this essentially create a two-tier system of justice where citizens are punished more harshly than foreigners, it effectively gives a pass to the  migrants predominantly behind the drug trade and car theft rings:

Of course when things inevitably spiral out of control and the Feds step in to try to pick up the slack, he promises to go after them:

Oh yeah, that will likely be entertaining. 

His brilliant plan to tackle the drug problems is San Francisco seemingly consists of ignoring the cartel drug trade and going after pharmaceutical companies, because apparently Johnson & Johnson is a major supplier of methamphetamine and no one noticed until now:

Also everyone gets implicit bias training, because it’s not like a total scam based on junk science:

Just FYI, there were at least 33,000 *reported* car break in in SF last year (a number which obviously doesn’t include the unreported ones, like my boyfriend’s five separate incidents or the one that happened to me last weekend) and there was a grand total of *one* arrest, and *zero* convictions.

my car:

And despite that pitiful result, Chesa is still concerned we’re wasting resources trying to stop it:

Oh really? As someone that’s cleaned broken glass out of my and my partner’s car all-too-many times, I just want to take a moment and say “go to hell” Chesa. 

The cops already hate this guy, I assume probably due to him not giving a shit about crime on top of threatening to charge cops trying to do their jobs. Oh, and probably the whole “my friends and mentors have killed over a dozen cops” thing I mentioned above, which is not really something you expect to find in a DA. 

It certainly didn’t help when a city supervisor stands up at Chesa’s election night party and starts screaming obscenities at the police union:

I want to make one thing clear here: Chesa Boudin cannot help who his parents are, and he has expressed some lukewarm regret regarding their violent deeds. But more importantly in my eyes, he has yet to express any disavowal or condemnation of their *ideology*, and in fact has consciously surrounded himself with notorious violent radicals and expounded their extremist ideals wrapped in social justice rhetoric. And unmentioned in any of the articles I’ve read, whether right leaning or left leaning, is WHY the police might be so incensed about the election of Chesa Boudin-

 Rightly or wrongly, the Police of San Francisco have leveled charges against Chesa’s adoptive parents of killing a San Francisco police officer, and Chesa hasn’t reassured the police that he doesn’t support the death of one of their own, or that such a thing is unthinkable on his watch. To the police, there is nothing as direct a spitting on the grave of Officer McDonnell, End of Watch February 16 1970 as electing the adopted son of the most probable suspects of the still unsolved murder. It’s a fair guess the San Francisco police are too professional to say out loud the unstated slogan Chesa was running on was “More dead cops, less investigations, and more injustice for those who can’t afford another window, a loss of phone and their access to their job with uber.”

There’s a tendency for right wingers to read Days of Rage ( and assume Lefties will revert to those insanely violent tactics, when the likelihood is leftist radicals have actually learned how widespread violence is often counterproductive and not nearly as effective as seizing the levers of power. 

What if the future isn’t Bernardine Dohrn bombing your police station or Kathy Boudin driving the getaway vehicle for your killers, but their son Chesa Boudin sitting in the DA’s office, deciding to charge you for shooting the “anti fascist activists” that attacked you late one evening  leaving a bay area conservative meet up? Or deciding not to charge an invasion and destruction of a local business the SF GOP tried to patronize? Why blow up the machinery of the state, when it’s so much more fun to seize control of it and feed your enemies in feet-first?

I hope you understand what is coming now, and Chesa Boudin should be proof of it. 

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