Roger Stone Just Proved the DOJ Never Examined Servers

The defense team for Roger Stone has just uncovered something that blows the whole Russian Collusion story out of the water….that the Department of Justice never actually examined the “hacked” DNC servers at all.

The DOJ went off on the word of a third party the DNC hired, that read only a heavily redacted report the Dems provided as “proof.”

That’s right, so the Mueller Report, all the media screaming about Trump and Russian collusion, and the railroading of long time confident Roger Stone was all done without the DOJ physically examining any actual evidence.

Why? Well, it’s pretty obvious between Hillary’s 30k deleted emails, smashed cell phones, and bleach bit…that the Democratic Party has a lot to hide when it comes to their careless use of technology.

As crooked as the DOJ seems to already be, they knew they couldn’t hide what they found on their servers from ultimately being released to the defense, and subsequently the people. So instead, they chose not to look at it at all. They just “trusted” that a private company would do it for them.

It’s an absolutely outrageous breach of justice, when you think about it.

The DNC is the equivalent of getting your house broken into, but your house is full of immoral and illegal shit….so you can’t have the cops coming in and writing a report. You literally squeeze yourself through the doorway to block them, and just hand them a list of objects you can claim are missing. That is literally what happened here in a nutshell.

Think of all the millions of dollars that have already been wasted, trying to punish people over the fact that the Democrats wrote some shitty emails that exposed their corruption and general disdain for honest Americans (AKA deplorables.) The Left was so sure that if they controlled the media, and threw enough money at it….that Trump would be impeached over it. Instead, it seems to have only revealed their corruption and back door favor deals.

I honestly don’t care if Putin personally hacked their servers himself, and left it wrapped up with a Christmas bow on the White House stairs. It doesn’t change what they found in them…or could have found more of, if it hadn’t all been suspiciously destroyed.

We need to hold the people that lied about and created this Russian collusion farce accountable. They treated heavily biased, and extremely suspect information as “fact” and used it to wiretap Trump in an attempt to hijack an entire presidential election. That’s a helleva lot more crooked and interfering to an election, than some funny memes from online trolls.

The Dems cheated and still lost. We need to crack down on voter fraud, and stop the Left from dismantling our electoral college system….and most importantly….START HOLDING THESE CROOKED POLITICIANS RESPONSIBLE, starting with Hillary.

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  1. Good for you To get Stone! I hadn’t heard anything about you lately and was concerned. Just happened on this report. I’m so glad for you and for the outcome of this whole inquiry.

  2. You’re trying to defend Roger Stone? He’s a back room operator that is only interested in lining his own pockets – a goddamn traitor.

  3. Hmm, doesn’t a law enforcement branch do the “investigating”? FBI, IRS, DEA…. . one of those.

  4. Why did Alex Jones suddenly cast Roger Stone off and banish him from his Infowars position, like he believed the accusations against him? I thought his action was terrible when he needed support from friends at that time. Does Alex Jones owe Roger Stone an apology? Roger Stone has lost his life times investments, financially he lost everything and the impact on his and his family’s health. Its disgusting what these so called corrupt lying pillars of the community jokes of people do to cover their own crimes and take the onus off of themselves. I see Alex Jones has just been treated the same way over planted child porn within his media. I wonder if Roger Stone will say to Alex Jones, similarly that he needs to stay away from decent people with children in case the allegations are in fact true and tell all of his work associates to steer clear of him meanwhile. I’d like to know what Alex Jones has to say for himself about this point. I had been an Infowars follower for years but when he treated Roger Stone this way, I thought I’m not watching you anymore. The truth will out in the end. Roger Stones faith kept him going in his darkest hour when his friends wrongly deserted and abandoned him apart from faithful Jacob Engleson. I’m so glad Roger Stone is now exonerated. Don’t you remember Alex Jones that phrase innocent until proven guilty. I hope he’s sues these crooks for compensation for all he’s lost including years from his life. So glad the truth came out in the end just in time before the stress of the court case nearly finished him off and killed him. Best wishes to Roger Stone and his family.

  5. “I honestly don’t care if Putin personally hacked their servers himself,”
    We need more thinking like this, this is the only way forward. We just destroy the Democratic party at any cost and by any means necessary!

    • I am not an American, I have no bias on any political party but I can’t help admiring the only leader with such courage to call out the corrupt opposition and media for what they are. What Trump has done is widely admired by patriotics around the world who have watched the once powerful nation ruined by corrupt career politicians and money driven media. I find myself praying for Trump and for America for no reason other than the great leader of a great nation hated only for being great.

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