Popular Conservative Page Unpublished for Picture of Trump

Big Tech has been on a conservative purging spree lately (often with the flimsiest of excuses) but this time, Facebook didn’t even bother with a fig’s leaf worth of justification when they unpublished the page belonging to Hispanic Trump supporter Paloma Zuniga…well, unless you count things like a picture of Donald Trump speaking at a rally to be ban-worthy, in which case Menlo Park might be the place for you.

You may remember Paloma from this viral video last month, where she was accosted in a post office by a deranged lefty for committing the mortal sin of wearing a MAGA hat in public. Being verbally abused was bad enough, but then the loon ratcheted up the tension by trying to photograph the shipping label on the package Paloma was dropping off, presumably in an attempt to acquire her physical address. Thankfully Paloma was able to document the incident and share it with her 75k Facebook followers, and it spread from there.

I would tell you to click on the link below and see for yourself, but you’ll notice something odd:


The linked video is missing. Why? Because her entire page is now gone, that’s why. Unfortunately it seems that final viral post earned her some serious SJW attention, and her page got clobbered by the 400lb green-haired mass-report squad. The final offending post that earned her page a bannination? Well, see below:

Dubya. Tee. Efff.

Removing a post over that is bad enough, but look at the rest of these removed posts she shared with us:

A cake? A fucking cake?? Does Facebook only hire gluesniffers for its community standards enforcement team? I mean it’s like they took that “Orange man good” ban meme as inspiration and tried it for the lulz.

Staged Reenactment. Do not try at home.

They’re not even hiding their contempt for us any more at this point, and if nothing changes it’s probably just a matter of time before everyone right of Trotsky is banished to two tin cans and a ragged piece of string. On the bright side Trump seems to realize this is going to be an issue going into the 2020 elections, hence the recently-launched Social Media Bias reporting tool. https://whitehouse.typeform.com/to/Jti9QH

Paloma has appealed these actions by Facebook, and we’ll keep you updated on how that turns out.

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