Patriots Try To Stop Leftists From Burning the American Flag in July 4th

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays as we celebrate not only our freedom, but our great nation. Unfortunately there’s always people who hate this country and recently, those people aren’t overseas in the Middle East shouting “Death to America” anymore, they’re living right next door to us.

I drove into DC to watch President Trump deliver a speech to thousands of fellow patriots that came in from all over the country. Before I planned on heading to the event, I stopped by the White House where word got out that a bunch of “woke” people planned on burning the American flag.

Shortly after, a bunch of “woke” people including white-guilted soy boys marched with our flag coated in lighter fluid and threw it to the ground while shouting woke (braindead) things such as America was never great (Great enough where we realized slavery was wrong so we ended it) and stuff about the KKK (Something that the Democratic Party started).

After their laughable chants inspired by the fake news spewed by CNN and MS13NBC, they proceeded to light the flag. Myself and another fellow Marine, Jerome Dupree II from Orlando tried to get through the sheep barricade they formed to try to save the flag our veterans died for.

We were able to finally get to it before it was turned to ashes, but the damage was done.

Fights broke out between the sheep and the patriots and Secret Service made arrests. There was another flag burning the took place immediately following this one, where they threw the lit flag onto Secret Service, resulting in many more arrests and criminal charges.

You can see us fighting to get the flag back here….

Why do leftists hate our country so much? Perhaps more than anything, it’s because they truly hate who they are themselves.

~Greg Aselbekian

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