Governor Sisolak Lies About Local Protests Against Him

Governor Sisolak is either in extreme denial over his immense unpopularity and attempted recall…or blatantly lying to the people to save face.

According to FOX 5 News, Sisolak made a statement about the recent Carson City protest against him, excusing them away as being outsiders to the state.

In a video from the same speech it’s revealed that he also excused protestors away as “isolated extremist.”

One problem, it’s simply not true…and I know because I was there and so were at least a thousand other “non isolated” protesters. All Nevadans, all patriots, all red blooded Americans eager to stop living in fear and wanting to open up the country and their livelihoods again. There were guns, there were children, and what irks the left the most…it was ´┐╝´┐╝patriotic and peaceful.

Conservatives from every walk of life gathered to peacefully protest the trampling of their constitutional rights by this Democrat tyrant. We were all Nevadans, we were all freedom loving patriots, and Sisolak’s lies that this protest were supposedly all foreigners did not go unnoticed….

I am running for Congress in district 3 southern Nevada, and I am currently doing everything I can to be pro-active and vocal about protecting our Constitutional rights and freedom during this economic crisis. Our broken unemployment system that Sisolak has ignored at every turn proves that the government will NOT take care of us when we need it…even if they’re the ones that forcibly shut us down in the first place. The Governor’s other attempts to crush our rights by refusing us our right to assembly, or attending a safe drive in service for Easter, as well as restricting the use of FDA approved life saving drugs by our doctors for absolutely no reason is more than enough reason for a recall…now we can add shameless liar to the list.