Outrage Over Shooting of “Unarmed” Armed Teen

A 17 year old teen was shot during a roadside stop in Anaheim this week, and the media is outraged claiming she was “unarmed.”

There’s one problem with that story….

Of course Al Sharpton is involved now, and the parents are demanding the officer be prosecuted….but no one seems to want to address WHY this chick pulled out a perfect replica of a Beratta during a traffic stop?!

This wasn’t an instance of a bad shooting, and the girl was white so they can’t even try to claim it was racism. SHE PULLED A REALISTIC HANDGUN OUT FOR SOME DUMB REASON ON A COP AND HE REACTED DEFENSIVELY AND IMMEDIATELY TO IT.

That’s it. It’s sad because she was young, and we’ll never know what the hell she was thinking. It sounds like she was doing some erratic driving so she might have had some initial bad intentions with this Beratta handgun no one knows how she seem to got.

Most cops are good. They’re putting their asses on the line everyday to make our cities safer. Highlighting bullshit instances like this doesn’t do our country any good.

We see the fake news for what it is now…a giant Leftist propaganda machine meant to hold us down. Don’t think I didn’t notice the chosen inserted link topics in the article either MSN.

We see you.

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  1. Seeing as She went to school recently, the danger that holding a thumb up and pointing the pointer finger at somebody, or even wielding a cookie with an “L” shape, poses to society would have been thoroughly taught… That said, I think the purpose of this replica will probably forever be a mystery.

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