Oregon Drug Busts Leads to Children In Foster Care And This Is A Bad Thing According To “The East Oregonian”

In January, a massive series of drug busts led by the Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team resulted in 65 arrests. What the drugs were and what capacity were the drugs being handled via using them or selling is uncertain.

Here’s the rub that has The East Oregonian playing a violin somberly–

Apparently, a lot of these not so bright individuals are parents and their children are now in foster care.

The Children! My Lord, think about the children. I’m old enough to remember separating families is immoral and wrong. At least, that’s what the MSM tells me.

Just how many children are we talking?

The East Oregonian reports,

According to Court Appointed Special Advocates, 38 children entered foster care in Umatilla County in January. At least eight families were involved with the drug bust, said Diane Shockman, the CASA volunteer coordinator for western Umatilla County.

Regarding one of the arrested parents, the East Oregonian states,

Clupny said in that case, the parent did not commit a violent crime. She had been doing well and on track to get her children back, but then had a death in her family that affected her so badly, it set her back. The parent was not actively abusing her children, but was neglecting them.

You gotta appreciate that level of distinction. It wasn’t abuse it was just–neglect.

I won’t attribute motives to this writer, but one truth should be acknowledged. These children are more likely to be safer and have a better shot at their future rather than being marinated in a world of sleaze and crime.

Let it be known, drug addiction and children going in to foster care is both horrible and tragic, but something must be done about the safety of these 38 children as illustrated here,

“The reason kids were in danger is that non-safe people were frequenting their home, or they were in the car while mom or dad was selling drugs, reasons like that,” said Shockman.

Is this The East Oregonian simply reporting the facts or are they trying to paint a different picture? A picture that drug offending parents are just people who merely lost their way and may or may not endanger their children, but claim no abuse has come to them.

I’ll let you be the judge of that.