Notre Dame Cathedral is Burning….and the Media Refuses to State the Obvious (It’s Terrorism)

The fake news would have you believe, that a historical church that’s survived wars and everything else for almost 900 years…is suddenly up in flames by “accident.”

Even though this is literally the holiest week for Christians of the entire year. Even though there’s been a scourge of at least 10 fires that have already devastated churches across France in less than four months.

Oh fuck off Newsweek. Why don’t you add some bleach and sprinkle some MAGA hats to the story while you’re at it. We know why…I’m just not allowed to even allude as to exactly why anywhere on social media without getting (another) ban.

Because you see, you’re allowed to criticize every religion in the world including mine (I’m Catholic and I criticize it all the time)….except for one. They’re “protected” for some magical reason, even though they’re using their religion on a state wide level to subjugate and murder women and gays in an entire region of the world.

American feminists don’t care about women getting acid thrown in their face or set on fire for refusing a man…they care more about a mythical wage gap (feel free to work an oil rig ladies) and having to pay taxes on tampons (you know, like men pay taxes on condoms.)

Seriously though at 1.8 billion they’re hardly a “minority” anyway. Catholics only make up less at 1.2 billion so why the hell am I supposed to kiss Islam’s ass a “minority?” Bleh.

Laughing and smiling. Man, I sure do wonder what specific group of people stood to gain from all this. #heavyMFsarcasm

Look, I love my country…but I hate that I live in a world where the media powers that be have decided that it’s just not kosher to talk about Islamic terrorism in any negative way.

Well I’m tired, and I’m honestly all out of fucks to give. If this fire turns out to be from a space heater getting kicked over (and I don’t)…I want to see the person that kicked it over. Because the truth is, if it can be proven that Islamic terrorism caused this historical cathedral to burn….then they didn’t “hurt” us fellow Catholics….they just united all of Judeo-Christianity into wanting to crusade radical Islamic terrorism off the face of the fucking planet. (I specifically wrote “radical” lefties, so cool your nuts.)

Europe is falling because no one wants to state the obvious. I don’t see helpless women and children refugees in all those videos….I see military aged, healthy, well dressed men….that hate me, my country, my gender (especially), my race, and my religion with everything they have. There are those that are willing to die themselves just for the chance to kill us.

Now I’m not saying hate all Muslims….that’s the bullshit leftist rhetoric they keep using to silence us by calling us Islamophobes and racists every time we do bring it up…(even though it’s a religion and not a race) but we all know the Left doesn’t know the actual definition to any fucking words they use anyway so….) I’m saying that it’s time to stop ignoring that radical Islam is a huge, major global problem…because ignoring it sure as shit ain’t making it go away.

So yes, stop disallowing people like me on social media to criticize radical Islam (I’ve been banned for criticizing Shariah Law, and Ilham Omar’s unacceptable anti-Semitic remarks for 30 days each, back to back now.) Stop letting these leftist rags get away with blatantly lying and manipulating the American public. And most importantly…STOP with these hordes of unvetted, mass migrations from shithole countries that hate us and mean to do us harm. We don’t owe them shit, guys.

I’m here in America because my ancestors were facing famine and starvation in Ireland. That kind of migration makes sense. “Can’t grow shit here? OK, try here.” Have you ever traveled across middle America? There’s plenty of room for farming.

But abandoning your country because your own culture made it suck ass….then moving to a new one and demanding you have that exact same repressive culture there….means that a whole new country is also going to suck ass as well. It’s not rocket science guys, it’s an infiltration and it’s being done on purpose. That’s why you see mostly young, fit males rioting and burning shit on the news…because Shariah Law is a great deal for them…women and gays, meh…not so much.

It’s also great news to the globalists in Europe that would just love to sweep in and seize power once society has fallen into one final destructive spin. If that’s not a warning to what the Democrats are trying to do here with our own unvetted border, then I don’t know what is.

So let me say it.

Fuck radical Islam.

Fuck Shariah Law.

Fuck unvetted mass migration.

And fuck the people trying to destabilize the world to seize power.

Oh, and fuck the people that say I swear too much, like….of all the problems in the world, really? Uppity conservatism has pushed people off for years. Sorry guys, but you’re going to need us Redneck Republicans if shit goes down, so play nice.

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  1. Man, I sure do wonder what Mindy Robinson stood to gain from posting a doctored photo to sear Muslims. #heavyMFsarcasm

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