“No Plan No Hope” Governor Sisolak Fails Nevadans Again

While Governor Steve Sisolak failing Nevadans is nothing new, it certainly has reached all new epic proportions as of late.

And I mean people are pissed….

After a series of recent fails including an unemployment system no one can get through, a mandatory quarantine that forced most small businesses to close but left large chain stores, franchises, and construction on the stadium open, and restriction of a life saving FDA approved malaria drug for no reason… Governor Steve Sisolak is having an exceptionally bad month.

Now the Governor has managed to upset Nevadans by holding a press conference about a plan to open Nevada back up….without an actual plan.

Huh? It apparently made even less sense even if you watched the whole press conference.

With most Nevadans struggling with the Unemployment Department for over the last 5 weeks with a government that’s failing to take care of them despite being funded, individuals on both sides of the fence of the stay home/open Nevada debate were beyond livid.

Perhaps no one has been more vocal through all this, than congressional candidate for district 3, political commentator Mindy Robinson…

It didn’t help that the Governor posted about climate change instead of addressing everyone’s concerns either…

It did not go over well…

This comes after a large rally of patriots already assembled at City Hall April 18th to protest Sisolak and demand his recall.


It seems Steve Sisolak’s time as Governor should come to an end.


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