Newsweek Runs Sketchy Story Involving a MAGA Hat and the Internet Calls Bullsh*t

I came across a dubious story on my Twitter timeline today, that people seem to have latched on to quite hilariously.

Original link here…

Now, I’m not saying the story can’t be true…weird shit happens all the time. I’m just saying that there’s more questions than answers, and Newsweek (which already isn’t known for its research skills) should have waited till the facts roll in, just saying.

So let’s break it down….

So what’s weirder at this point? A guy that just happens to be carrying around a sword, or a guy wearing a MAGA hat in the heart of San Francisco? Depending on what kind of “sword” we’re talking about…I’m gonna go with the Trump hat.

Haha. Yea, don’t expect any specifics on what he was supposedly yelling, or any real details either…because there are none.

Wait? The “victim” tried physically removing the MAGA hat, for which the guy defended himself? So holy shit, the “victim” was actually the aggressor? Way to be deceptive as fuck, Newsweek!

Yea ok…you keep “scouring” for video footage.

First off…a “popular” skating rink? Bullshit unless it’s 1976. Yet again more “slurs” that no one seems to remember the specifics on.

I’m sorry, what douchebag goes by “Sk8father?” Oh, the douchebag that would stage a pic like this apparently…

Huh? You mean to tell me that a MAGA hat just “happen” to fall perfectly on top of this “crime scene shot?”

And can we talk about the shadow of the person taking the pic?

Oh wait, here’s another “pic…”

Wait a minute here, it’s been moved! Someone fluffed it up and repositioned it for the shot they sent to Newsweek?

Oh ok. Nothing Jussie Smollett about this at all. Just a staged photo of a MAGA hat at a crime scene, in an article lacking any complete details from everything to what the attacker physically looked like (other than a hat) to any actual dialogue between any human beings that happened that day or anything. Yup, it’s all just Sk8tfather testimony up in here.

The best part, is the way the way Newsweek brushes off the non-believers….

Haha?! Caught him “off guard?” Let’s close this off with comments from the actual Newsfeed tweet, shall we?


  1. Wasn’t Jussie in Cali on Friday? See if he hired this victim for some training classes.

  2. Thanks for shining a light on this.
    It looks like a hoax. As Dennis Prager says “the Left destroys everything it touches”. As these dishonest people continue to hoax they make us all question what could be a real situation.
    The Leftists that cry wolf…doing no one any good.

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