New Law Would Allow Access to Your Social Media Account

After enacting some of the most draconian anti-immigrant laws in the country and intimidating businesses into denying service to Democrat donors, Nebraska has launched a new broadside against civil rights. There should be outrage among privacy advocates and everyone using social media or using the internet! A recent bill would force residents registering to vote in a public elections, or applying for any benefit programs, to surrender access to their social media history along with their use of internet search engines for the previous three years… to law enforcement. Such an act would devastate voting rights, as well as the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments.

State Sen. Kevin Parker, a Republican from Lincoln, is the proud sponsor of the legislation. Because a majority of his colleagues in the legislature have shown the same staggering disregard for constitutional rights as Parker, his bill could very well find its way to the governor’s desk, where it would be eagerly signed into law. Parker and his ilk seem to feel that shredding the Constitution is a reasonable response to the voting irregularities seen in the midterm elections.

For what, exactly, would Nebraska’s law enforcement officers be looking in an individual’s social media and internet history? Shockingly, they could pursue any “issue deemed necessary by the investigating officer.” Anything. Each law enforcement officer would have unilateral, unlimited authority in each search.

How would law enforcement officers gain access to everyone’s social media and internet data?  Each individual would be obliged to provide it as a requirement for voter registration. A fee to cover the cost can be implemented later, so each person would pay for the violation of their own rights.

This type of intrusive search will have a chilling effect on voting or applying for benefits. This is not a bug, it is a feature. Kevin Parker and his cabal want fewer people exercising their rights.

Furthermore, since law enforcement will have the power to scour your personal social media and internet history, they can (and will) look for anything they consider suspicious (including matters having nothing to do with voting) to get warrants for investigation and prosecution.

Parker and others who support his voter suppression crusade, could argue that the searches would be “voluntary” because the voter or applicant is giving “consent” simply by registering to vote or by applying for benefits.

Just fooling. No one is actually coming after voting rights. They’re coming after your Second Amendment rights. This article is a reflection of Bob Barr’s article ‘New York’s Anti-Gun Fervor Reaches a New Height’ posted on December 5th. Authoritarian Democrats just want complete access to your internet history and all of your social media. That’s not a problem is it? The internet and every Leftist news outlet in the country would be at DEFCON 1 if anyone treated voting rights the way New York is trying to treat gun rights. It would be Literally Hitler, would it not?

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