New Conservative Family Friendly Christmas Movie Already Triggering Leftists

At a time where it feels like Hollywood is trying way too hard to be “woke” and seemingly loves to ruin the franchises of our youth (cough cough, the latest Ghostbusters) there’s a new film right now that defies that trend by holding as true to the original as possible.

John Schneider of Superman and Dukes of Hazzard fame is doing everything he can to Make Movies Great Again.

He stars and directs in a new Christmas movie that in many ways is autobiographical of his own life and dealings with the infamous Dukes fame.

It’s family friendly as well, and addresses the love and nostalgia people have over the Dukes of Hazzard show and how it now fits into a contemporary world of viral social media posts and the subsequent offended cancel culture that is overly hostile and overly critical of anything they personally deem “politically incorrect.”

People these days can and will get take personal offense by anything and everything imaginable under the sun….so you KNOW what was definitely not going to get by the ever present, perpetually offended Left.

The General Lee.

Yes that’s the actual car used in the movie, and yes it also stars vocal conservative actress (Range 15, Check Point, American Warfighter) and right wing political commentator Mindy Robinson.

A childhood staple for many, the General Lee is triggering liberals over….I’m sure you already guessed it, the confederate flag.

The confederate flag is about the only thing can trigger people more than a MAGA hat these days. Statues meant to honor fallen soldiers are torn down across cities in America because they’re deemed “offensive” by people over a war that neither they nor anyone they‘ve ever known actually went through.

Though you can find tons of examples of leftists being offended at the confederate flag and General Lee…this YouTube clip of an overly triggered female and a guy drinking a beer that doesn’t give a sh*t is my favorite.

Where would the censorship of American history ever end, given that all of history can be deemed “offensive” to someone at some point? I think people are tired of it and I believe Schneider is counting on the love for nostalgia from his fans to help this country get over themselves.

So unless you’re looking forward to the next Hollywood-ruined woke movie starring a bunch of spoiled rich, elitist d-bags that proudly proclaim everyday how much they hate Trump, you for supporting him, America, freedom, and democracy all over Twitter….please go out and support this wonderfully made pro-American conservative values independent film.

You can watch the trailer right here….

You can buy both the regular DVD or signed DVD copy….right here.

Or you can watch it streaming right….here.

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